Nintendo Shows Off All The 3DS Games It's Releasing In The Near Future

From Paper Mario to Monster Hunter, here's the full sizzle reel shown off during Nintendo's live-streamed Nintendo Direct event this morning.

Lots of cool-looking games coming to 3DS soon! I'm particularly psyched for Fire Emblem and Paper Mario.

And here's the eShop sizzle reel, which also has some good stuff:

What do you think? Any games you particularly can't wait for?


    Paper Mario. Luigi's Mansion. Maybe that Epic Mickey game?

    Not sure about Paper Mario, the stickers just seem dumb.
    Maybe Epic Mickey. Have heard good things about the 3DS version.
    Maybe as well on Adventure Time. Sucks that it's on the DS.
    The only two that I will most likely pick up are Monster Hunter 3 and Luigi's Mansion

      I believe there is going to be a 3DS and DS version of Adventure Time. Which is actually really smart since most kids still only own a DS

      I'm with you Luigi's Mansion, Monster Hunter 3 should be the best of the crop. Still haven't bought New Super Mario Bros. 2 which I can add to that list. I still need to %100 Super Mario 3D Land / Ocarina of Time 3D : Master Quest, also.

    If Epic Mickey is anything like Castle Of Illusion i'll be picking up some of that action.

    What I really want is an original Zelda for the 3DS. Chop chop Iwata-san, we're waiting!

    Crashmo looks great. I'm playing Pushmo at the moment and really enjoying it.

    Paper Mario, Adventure Time, Fire Emblem, Luigi's Mansion and Professor Layton all look great. Even the soccer game looks good and i dont play soccer games. For once i actually feel obliged to get a 3DS other than the Ocarina Of Time and Starfox remakes.

    If only there was another Advance Wars titles, although if memory serves me right, the same dev team are doing the Paper Mario game, so perhaps if that title is successful there may be another Advance Wars game. One can dream. A new F-Zero title would be amazing too, would put the 3D to good use.

    I can't wait for monster hunter 3

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