Nintendo's Most "Bizarre" Collaboration Of 2012

Out of all the things Nintendo have worked on this year, this one is certainly the most bizarre. This is a set of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure hanafuda playing cards. The name of this set? Jojo's Bizarre Hanafuda ~ Gold Fuda.

Nintendo is, of course, originally a card company. Hanafuda is a traditional card game in Japan.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is, of course, a wildly popular manga series, which is once again getting a new video game.

Banda is teaming up for this set of Jojo hanafuda cards, with Nintendo, one of the few remaining hanafuda card makers in Japan, printing the cards.

The set also comes with a cloth playing mat and a Coco Jumbo card case.

The set costs ¥7,875 (US$100) and pre-orders end on December 25. Jojo's Bizarre Hanafuda will be sent out the following March.

ジョジョの奇妙な花闘~黄金の札~ [Bandai]

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