No Sensible Person Would Ever Do This

Boy, this is depressing: a 3DO and a Dreamcast box with Mr Sega on it chucked out along with pots, pans, an old rice cooker, plastic bottles, umbrellas and various other crap. With cords coming out of the Dreamcast box, it's safe to assume there is a console in it.

"I discovered this scene the other day in my neighbourhood," the individual who apparently took this photo wrote on 2ch. "Did something happen to this gamer?"

Something must've. Nobody in their right mind would throw away these machines.

名無しさん必死だな :2012/10/09(火) 23:50:32.60 ID:YvU2Nohr0 [まとめちゃんねる]


    Let's be serious here, who hasn't thrown away old consoles? We threw out our Snes, considering it was a pain in the ass to set up and so much easier to just play on an emulator. Got rid of the N64 too. It's just stuff. Your memories of those games won't change when you get them on a virtual console or a remade version. Why hold on to the incredibly inconvenient originals?

      your a mess, sir.

      You my friend, are a god damn monster. Never thrown one out, never even sold one. Don't understand how originals are "incredibly inconvenient" either, considering you just switch it on and you're playing. No need to set anything up or wait for anything to boot or whatever else a computer might be doing.

        That's called hoarding.

        I've thrown out old consoles. When all my games could be played on something else and it's just taking up space, and I can't sell it... what else would I do? It's the same with DVDs. I must've sunk a good 4 figures into DVD collections and just gave away/threw out the bulk of them last weekend.

          Strand, I was going to say they are hoarding too lol.

      How high do you even have to BE?
      I still have my precious SNES - I would never consider selling it god forbid throw it out. That's what Hitler would do. Not even hyperbole here, Hitler.

      I mean shit, you couldn't consider selling it? There's an easy $200 right there!

      "Your memories of those games won't change when you get them on a virtual console or a remade version" - there's nothing like the originals, jamming that cartridge into the good ol' N64 or SNES... this comment of yours done make me sad sir.

    The 3DO I can understand

    The stuff is probably broken. No value at all.
    The only reason I still hold onto my SNES, N64, Playstation etc is because of the sentimental value as they where birthday and christmas gifts from my parents throughout my childhood.
    Later shit i bought with my own hard earned $$$, I have no value for. I gave away my gamecube and Ps2 long ago, and am probalby going to throw away my xbox next time i get a mini skip :P
    They fullfilled their role of providing me with entertainment. And with the digital age, any of the good games will be purchaseable online for next to nothing

      You got rid of a Gamecube??????????
      Say it ain't so!

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    We are assuming that they are working consoles ???

    Makes me think back when my mum threw out my N64, SNES and NES after I got my PS2. That was a really depressing moment in my childhood

    I'd never throw away a console. Not when they cost hundreds and people want to buy them. Worst case scenario, I give it away. Never throw it though. That's a waste

    Why hold onto them? Because Im not an idiot. Because I am not prone to consume and dispose of something that works. Because now I have a collection insured for thousands. Because I have a full set of hyper mags, mega zone, mega comp! Because I am not a thief and don't use stolen roms and bioses!!!!!! You are a thief I am not. I have saved a bit of aussie gaming history. You haven't.

      Fuck . I have even got gamesmen and microcomputerspot catalogues

        Or should I throw out my Dr who pinball machine? You know cause it takes up a lot of room and you know I can emulate.

        I can understand the first part but once you get to the 'collecting' old catalogues part you really do venture into hoarder territory.

          Indeed BUT they are a little bit of the early Australian computer scene. Who else saved this stuff for the future? I also have Ozi soft catalogues and HES stuff that I am slowly archiving. Pride of place are the earliest oz only type in listing mags I have!!!! Thank god for hoarders eh!

    i think i threw out my mega drive :( so sad about that... still have my SNES, Dreamcast, XBOX... pretty sure i've got a NES somewhere... just no idea where... probably an Atari 2600 too... once again i have no idea where

    something rare like a 3DO shouldn't be thrown out... despite it not being that popular... i've often wanted one just for nostalgia purposes

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