No Wonder That Cave Troll In The Lord Of The Rings Was So Pissed Off

I also did not realise that Sean Connery played as Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring. You learn something new from LEGO parody videos every day!

Kudos to Brotherhood Workshop for the hilarious short. And the new perspective.

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LEGO The Cranky Cavetroll [YouTube]


    He didn't play Gandalf, he was offered the role but declined it due to "not understanding the script."

    Connery: "Bond! James Bond."
    Director: "You are Playing Gandalf the Grey!"
    Connery: "Gandalf! Gandalf the Grey." Stares at the Hot elf Girl with a raised eyebrow.
    Director: "You are not supposed to hit on Gladriel."
    Connery: "Really? I'm not getting this Characters Motivation..."
    Director: "You are recruiting the Hobbits for a War in which they will sacrifice themselves as a means to an ends..."
    Connery: "So I'm an old man, with an interest in seducing the young Boys with the lure of old tales in order to recruit them for a suicide mission against a ruthless rival who threatens my interests...I'm some sort Evil terrorist mastermind?"

      hands up who else read that in Sean Connerys voice.....

    as Gandalf is my favourite character

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