Not Even The Simpson's iPhone Game Can Escape The Treehouse Of Horrors

The 23rd special Treehouse of Horrors episode of The Simpsons airs on October 7, but players of The Simpson's: Tapped Out get a leg up on the festivities with fresh new content pulled directly from the twisted TV special.

Writers, producers and artists from the show worked hand-in-hand with the developers of the app to ensure that fans dedicated to building their own virtual version of Springfield have assets to match this weekend's special episode. Players can also unlock a trivia question in the game that will be answered in the television episode itself, unlocking a new costume for Homer and a box of doughnuts. Mmmm, doughnuts.


    I'm starting again after losing 3 weeks worth of progress through a sync error :(
    Having said that though the new scary additions are pretty great, especially the zombies running amuck :P

    Can the main characters get infected?

      Yeah they can, you just have to tap on them if you seen one infected. pretty funny.

    I'm loving this update, stopped playing cause ran out of things to do so but this update is awesome. From the new buildings can put in. Characters, zombies running around. Certainly a top app.

    Hahahah this sounds lame but I just got this iPhone and this is the only game I found that I liked but no one I know is playing it too. Anyone want to be my friend in the game? My Origin name is MrPanch14.

    I love the Simpsons....and this game is just TRYING MY BRAIN! - If they could only get it to actually load within the 7 times and 10 mins that it takes me *EVERY* time I attempt to play it...
    Good that this update is out to spend the next 10 mins getting it to load.

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