Obama Might Have Lost The First Debate, But The Xbox Did Even Worse

Obama Might Have Lost The First Debate, But The Xbox Did Even Worse
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General consensus is that Mitt Romney won the presidential debate last night. President Barack Obama came in second. Jim Lehrer’s moderating skills were a distant third.

But Microsoft’s Xbox Elections 2012, a platform that promised to let viewers watch the debate on their 360s and witness as audiences react in real time, might have performed worse than all of them.

I turned on my stream at around 8.30pm last night, half an hour before the debate was scheduled to start. At 9pm, it suddenly switched over to dead footage of the back of Jim Lehrer’s head for about 45 seconds. No sound. Then, for the first 25 minutes of the debate, there was absolutely nothing on my screen but the candidates talking, complete with a giant “Xbox Live” logo in the top right corner. Boring.

After a while, questions started popping up on the bottom of the screen: I’d see queries like (paraphrased) “Who do you plan to vote for?” and “Whose views will create more jobs?” I expected questions relevant to the actual debate, but if there were any, I sure didn’t see them. These polls seemed like they were written way in advance. One of them even showed up twice, some generic question like “Which candidate has better views on the economy?”

Sure, it was cool to see how many people were rooting for each candidate — around 57 per cent said they were voting for Obama and some 30 per cent picked Romney — but I expected some sort of interaction that actually involved the live event we were watching. There were no questions about Big Bird, no polls about zingers, no interesting graphs or polls about who was lying and who was telling the truth.

Then, around the 50-minute mark, my stream crashed. I waited a minute or two for it to come back. It didn’t. I did a quick Twitter search and found that it had crashed for lots of other people too. Bummer. Hopefully Microsoft steps it up for the next one.


  • It was so good to see Barack ‘Hopeless’ Obama struggle last night. I don’t think much of Romney personally, but at least the Republicans know how to run an economy. George W. Bush had balls and stuck by his words – not like these two ass clowns.

  • did Romney actually win? or is Jason a republican or something?? I mean really… I can’t see that guy winning a debate with anyone over 5… honestly, I haven’t yet seen an interview in which he didn’t say something utterly moronic and frankly scary considering what role he’s running for.

  • If Obama doesnt Win this election then the World will loose faith in America. i have been to 16 countries in the past 12 months and 98% of people want obama to win again.

    Mick Romney will set the economy of america into shit. Obamas facts were based on stuff Mick had said in the past or what his Party had said, and when Obama handed the public the facts of how Mick will set america back, he lied through his teeth and said Obama was the lier and didnt have his facts straight. Whats so said anout this is that the public believed him because Obama is black.
    This is why America is where it is, its such a racist country that they would prefer there country go down hill then vote for a Black President.

    Barack Obama became president after Bush ruined the economy and now Barack is left to fix it bit by bit.

    It really sad that the rest of the world knows whats better for america then its own people.
    Obama has a personality, he is funny, he shows his family side, he is open to the world and lets us know him on a level that no other president has done. He reads letters he gets from the public, he even responds to alot of those letters. He shows everyone that he is the same as us, he has had his struggles and happy moments in life.
    Yet people still want to vote for Mick Romney who is in George Bush’ party, the man who put America into 15 Trillion Debt, Bush is the guy who cause multiple countries around the world to become terrorrist targets.

    We will just have to wait and see but if Romney wins then america has no hope, Obama better win,

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