Obsidian's Kickstarter, Project Eternity, Is About To Reach $4 Million

This is compelling — sitting here, watching the numbers increase. Obsidian's Project Eternity Kickstarter project has — at time of writing — just over an hour left before closing, but it's currently racing towards $4 million. Which is incredible when you consider the team initially asked for 'only' $1.1 million. Just in case you're as weird as me, you may want to sit here and watch as the number ekes closer and closer to toppling the $4 million mark!

I'm actually scared that it'll hit $4 million before I'm done publishing this post — that's how fast this thing is moving. It's a real testament to the cult fanbase Obsidian has built up around itself. Well done guys — can't wait to see the finished product.


    It's already over 4 million. They've got like 140k from Paypal backers.

    Thankfully with paypal included it has already passed the $4million mark. Good to see the stretch goals get knocked down one by one. Hopefully will be something special.

    $100K left to get in 1 hour, I hope it can get to that last stretch goal!
    - Completely forgot about paypal backers, looking forward to seeing what comes of the $4mill stretch goal with the final product :)

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    Still be nice to get the round figure of 4 mil on KS alone.. just over 3.9 now..

    About 2700 backers on paypal
    About 137000 in pledges on paypal

    So we'll be getting more mega-dungeon levels too (which for those that don't know, is dependant on the amount of backers and facebook likes rather than the amount of funding)

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    $3,986,929, what an exciting countdown, shame we couldn't push past $4 mil on kickstarter though.

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