Obsidian's New RPG Raises Almost $4 Million, Sets A Kickstarter Record

Earlier this year, Double Fine's adventure game Kickstarter raised $US3.3 million from fans. At the time, it was a record for a video game on the service, but that mark has now been passed by Project Eternity, an RPG from veteran developers Obsidian.

The closing bell just sounded on their Kickstarter drive, and it's raised $US3.9 million (it was originally asking for "just" $US1.1 million), which not only sets a new record for video game funding, it serves as a reminder that as long as the developer in question has a reputation and is promising something people want, people will pay.

So congratulations, Obsidian! Let's hope the game - a "party-based computer RPG set in a new fantasy world" - is as awesome as it sounds!

Project Eternity


    Two games you mean, if I'm not mistaken....

      No, you're thinking of Old School RPG by the Wizardry chick and Anachronox guy.

      I backed this baby as soon as I heard about it, all the while pitching a tent in my pants. It's going to be a thing of beauty.

    With Paypal it exceeds 4 mil

      Thats great! over 4million, im just wondering where people are getting this paypal total from??

        I think its more of a guess but an easy one to make. The Kickstarter ended at 3.986 mil so a shy $14,000 from the 4mill mark.

          The PayPal balance was over $100,000 at last count, which is awesome.

        Here, 4 hours ago


    So happy about this.
    I loved watching my brother play games liek Baldurs Gate and Icewindale, and this was an easy $25 to spend.
    Cant wait!

    What do you get for contributing to their kick starter fund?

      That depends on what you gave, the basic was putting 20/25$ and getting the game, things like choosing an inn's name, getting gifts, or even being invited to the launch's party were reserved for those willing to put large amounts of money in the project.

    While we are talking about community funded games here, I will plug Star Citizen, Chris Roberts new space sim (previously mentioned on this site) that is currently trying to raise 2 million. They are approacing 1 million $ in pledges on the games website. www.robertsspaceindustries.com

    They have just asked people on their facebook page if they support Star Citizen using Kickstarter to help raise funds, which they were previously shying away from to begin with to try to eliminate the middle man. There is a bit of a debate going on in the forums about it.

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