Off Topic: Android Or Apple?

Oh man, this is going to be a warzone, I can just tell. And technically, it's not really Off-Topic, because I suppose you can play games on your phones and tablets and what not. But I was just wondering what the consensus was here at Kotaku? Who has iPhones, who has Galaxy Tabs? Who has iPads or Nexus tablets? What do you recommend?

At the moment I sit square in the middle. I have an iPhone, but went for the Nexus 7 instead of an iPad — mainly because I wanted something a little smaller than an iPad for e-books and manga.

But I have to admit, using Jelly Bean, I'm starting to become quite taken with Android, and I'm seriously considering moving away from Apple for my next phone. The major issue, for me, is the fact that apps and games tend to be developed for iOS first and Android second.

What do you guys have? What do you recommend?


    Windows Phone.

    I'm champing at the bit for the Lumia 920.

      +1 I see a bright future for this platform. People should always try new things and this is one great oportunity.

      I like how WP8 has DirectX. Hopefully this means devs will make 'better' mobile games, like more console quality. I just hope they can make nice on screen controls though :P

      Edit - Also, I think it's pretty cool how it supports cross platform multiplayer between WP8, W8 and Xbox 360. I hope devs take advantage of that.

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        +1 Windows Phone, just wait for the Lumia 920 to arrive!

        No no no. Onscreen controls are the devil. Mobile games shouldn't try to emulate their console counterparts. Rayman Jungle Run is a perfect example of that. The best games on the platform are the ones that make the most of the control scheme.

          Just because on screen controls are terrible right now doesn't mean devs should just not use them at all. They need to keep experimenting, trying new things with them so that one day they might come up with something that works really nicely.

            I am assuming by on screen controls you mean a virtual D-Pad and the like? The only issue with it is the use of a discrete location to calculate input in an inherently imprecise control method. For example, if developers simply designed the controls to allocate the left half of the screen to determine movement, that would be perfectly fine. It is simply discrete controls that are an unholy abomination.

              Ahhhh, gotcha.
              By on screen controls I kinda meant any method of using the screen to control the game that has a visual representation of the controls. So yeah, D-pads, joysticks, buttons, stuff like that.
              Now that I think about it, I think I may have seen a game before that centers the joystick where you put your thumb on the left side of the screen, then disappears when you stop touching it.

                Touch controls done well can be almost (but not quite) as good as an analog stick.
                Using the thumb-strap that came with my original fat DS with a virtual thumbstick on Mario 64 was an excellent control scheme, and it was the case where the neutral position re-centered itself whenever you lifted off the touch screen.
                It worked extremely well and I'm yet to see a game on a phone which works as well as that control method did.

        Cross platform Windows and XBOX support may be what it takes to get me off the iPhone. I suppose as long as I don't break the iPhone at any point I could use a WP8 and keep the iPhone laying around the house without a SIM card in it running on pure WiFi. That gets me past my app support issues.

      Windows Phone for me too. I'm on my second, had a Samsung Omnia 7, now on a Nokia Lumia 710. The design of the OS is great, but still hoping for some more games. The xbox integration is great, but there is hardly anything worth playing...

    I've owned apple & adroid phones, but I prefer android. i like the customisation it allows.

    now excuse me while I run away from this oncoming shitstorm.

    actually, I do like how apple have used iTunes to sync across all your devices, but I really dont like their our-way-or-the-highway approach to how you use the media you purchase from iTunes.

    Less about the tech, but more about the marketing philosophy, but I cant stand the way apple market their products. they sell the brand rather than sell the product.

    I like the openess of Android as a development platform.

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      This is why I prefer android. I totally understand why being able to pick up an apple device with no previous technical knowledge and being able to use it is great. However as you've said the openness of android lets those of us who are more familiar with technology customize our device to what suits us.
      I currently own the asus transformer prime and it is fantastic because with the keyboard dock it becomes a mini laptop for all my essay writing but i can go and read an e-book or surf the internet much more comfortably in the tablet form. This is why I am so exited for windows 8 because it makes this type of hybrid laptop/tablet much more mainstream. I may jump onto the wf8 bandwagon but i think ill let everyone else be the guinea pigs before i make that decision.

    Started off with an iPhone 4 as my first smartphone when it launched and I loved it. After a while, the OS started to feel stale though and my 'home button' started 'sticking' and was unresponsive most of the time.

    This year in April, however, I moved onto the Samsung Galaxy Note and have not stopped recommending it to everyone I know! Android is so much more customisable and fresh, coming from an iOS background, and the phone itself is incredible in both performance and look.

    Anyone who has been eyeing the Note (or Note 2 for that matter), definitely give it a try in store before you say "That's too big, it'll never fit in my pocket!". You won't regret it!

    Because of iTunes I refuse to use anything apple.

      It's certainly one of the reasons for me. My music was all organized long before iTunes existed, then I got an iPod and found out just how well iTunes can completely mess up an organized system. All it needed was a tickbox in the settings to tell it to organize based on file and folder names, not just tags. Unfortunately since Apple is so set on things only working one way and having as little settings as possible it's a program I keep well clear of on any computer I use.

      As a long time PC user the phrase "user friendly" is more of a warning than a reassurance :P

    I have an HTC One XL and an iPad 2. Best of both worlds.

    I will support Android on this one, the phone is yours, customize it the way you want!

    > Running a custom kernel that doubled battery life. (Get about 2 weeks average use)
    > Wheeeee alll the Roms!
    > Current hardware tech compared to Apple's excuse for a phone.

      Yep Android for me for similar reans:

      You have that ability to customise the hell out of it if you wanted to, something that's not possible on the iOS. This is a big selling point to those people who hate Apple's closed ecosystem approach. There's also the advantage of not needing to bother with [email protected] like iTunes to sync your media, and the ability to install whatever the hell you want on it even without needing to root it.

      Also being Android, in the future you can take your apps and other purchased media and transfer them to any other Android tablet or phone from any manufacturer. If you purchase anything on iOS you're locked into Apple products.

    You know, like, whatever. We should all go live together in the trees, man, then we don't need phones any more.

      Bloody hippies. I'm disappointed in you, Batguy. You used to be cool, mang.

        You have obviously never met me then. I am neither cool nor a hippy.

          But you are good at finding hidden loots in the borderlands.

    I've got Android (Samsung Galaxy S3) and love it. If I cared about mobile gaming I might be more inclined to go Apple just because it has more games. But my interest in mobile gaming doesn't go much beyond the odd 5 minute bash on Angry Birds or Game Dev Story, so Android is definitely my preferred option.

      It's a myth that iOS has more games than Android. If anything it's the other way around now.

        Well there you go - shows how much attention I pay to mobile gaming :P Still don't care, though! :)

        Android may have quantity but iOS definitely still has the quality, heaps of iOS exclusives, hardly any Android.


      Oh absolutely, my red friend.

      Here's three-dozen crates of them, to meet the demand. All non-refundable of course. But that's okay, they're totally not going to disappoint anyone...

    Android for the customisation as others have said. In saying that i have only used it on my cheap arse tablet that i rarely use anyway. I have a Nokia N900 from 3 years ago that runs on Linux/Maemo but will finally upgrade with the Samsung Galaxy S3 4G now that it's just come out.

    Had an iPhone for 4 years (3GS then 4) and really liked it. However, like others before me it started to feel stale and didn't allow even basic customisation - like changing default apps.

    I moved to Android a couple of months ago with the HTC One X. Really enjoying it. Plus playing with custom ROMs means I'm running Jelly Bean - which is really nice. Nothing revolutionary over ICS but just a bunch of things that make it better.

    This is totally the new sega v ninetendo/ps2 v xbox

    As for me, I started on an iPhone but I didn't like Apple's lock you in approach. Last year I moved to a Galaxy S2 and have to say I haven't looked back. Love that I can customise it to the enth degree whereas iOS is just to simple for my liking. Bigger screen is also a massive plus for browsing the web and using as an eReader.

    As far as gaming goes, if I was really into mobile gaming I would probably get an iPhone because it tends to have higher quality games, however that is weighed up with the fact I have a few pretty awesome emulators running on my Galaxy that were bought simply off the Google Play Store. In the end though I have actually found that I just don't use my phone for gaming all that much, I have consoles for that.

    Galaxy Nexus for phone and an iPad 1 which is horribly long in the tooth now and apps constantly crash to desktop. Will be getting a Nexus 7 for Christmas though.

    I recently got My First Smartphone, and I decided on a Galaxy SIII. I've been burnt by defective Apple products before, I quite simply hate iTunes, and the SIII, quite frankly, was the sexiest gadget I'd come across for a while. As I lie here mastering Swipe and basking in the glow of it's screen, I must say I'm totally satisfied with my decision to leave Apple behind. They're just not driving innovation like they used to, I think they're a little too comfortable and will just lose more and more market share because of it.

    Had both...I had both a Samsung Galaxy Nexus running on Android before moving back to iPhone 5

    I think as a whole, I prefer iOS just because of the wider range of games to be found on it. Don't get me wrong, Android is an excellent OS and there are many things I like about it that I wish iOS was doing...but in terms of range, I just find the iOS to have a greater range of games and apps.

    I like both OS's though...both have their pros and cons. But I slightly give it to the iOS just because I find the range of Games and Apps to be a little wider then what is on Android.

    Went from the iPhone 3GS bought outright on the first day to Google Nexus S to Galaxy Note (and the Asus Transformer Prime inbetween).

    I appreciate what Apple did with the mobile phone industry, and how they made it so easy for people like my parents to use, but for me personally, I prefer the Android system.

    Having said so, I'd like to try out the Windows platform so I can be better informed...

    A little bit of everything, I use PC, my phone is iPhone 4S and I have a Nexus 7. They all have their great qualities and are different. But in saying that, once my 4S eventually gives up I won't automatically be looking to Apple, I'll shop around to see which product is best for me.

    Apple for the iOS as in App Store, but Andriod for the customization.

    Galaxy S2 (rooted). My first smartphone but my 5th Samsung. I've only ever had Samsung's and really liked the S2 so got it. I was using an iPod Touch but that was replaced by my phone and a 32gb Micro SD. Now I've been using my phone to show everyone that Android can be better than iOS.

    I had an old HTC Aria, and wow that was terrible. I was tempted to go iOS, but the lack of customisability really turned me off - even jailbroken, there was lots it couldn't do. I now have a Samsung Galaxy Nexus, which I absolutely love, and carry around a Nexus 7 for longer browsing, and watching stuff in bed :P Again, went the Nexus 7 for more customisation, and the smaller size is so much more convenient than an iPad.

    If I was to introduce a smartphone to my parents, I'd probably recommend the iPhone, simply because what Apple does do super well is simple integration between their apps. My Mum can use my iPod touch for sending emails happily, but gets stressed just looking at my android phone. Different strokes, you know etc.

    android. customization. etc etc, what others have said, used iphone for last few years, dont hate them or any such, but the switch to my s3 has been so liberating. I'm keen to follow windows phone though, lots of potential.

    I have weighed into this discussion a few times. So without succumbing go fanboyism, i'll give brief points as to why im still on the apple platform.

    I bought an iphone when android was barely out, htc were twice the price.

    Now i am financially invested in the apple platform. I have for work used a few android phones that were cheap an horrible (manufacturers issue not platform issue) but this highlighted a weekend in the platform for me.

    Long story short. While apple have done nothing to wow me since i invested in their platform to start with. Android as a whole has not done enough to make me lose that investment and jump ship.

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