Off Topic: What Are You Listening To?

It's been a while since we've done this one: what music are you listening to these days? Any recommendations?

At the moment I'm pretty obsessed with the album 'Shrines' by Purity Ring. It's pretty much all I can convince myself to listen to at the moment. Think of it as tripped out space pop with a southern hip hop influence. Yep. This is why I write about games for a living and not music.

What are you folks listening to at the moment? Feel free to drop some youtube links in the comments below if you feel like it!


    I bought the Bee Gees Mythology set yesterday, and am listening to that. I was fortunate enough to see Robin Gibb live in Sydney (his last Australian performance before his death). He channelled this amazing combination of ineffable cool style, reserved confidence, outdated nerd, and self-conscious nervous movement.

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    I suggest a fairly new Australian band called The Rubens, who have just released a self-titled debut. You might've heard their song 'My Gun' on the radio recently. Their style is catchy and quite a fresh sound: Not bad at all.

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      I saw The Rubens perform when I saw Lanie Lane at The Metro in Sydney earlier this year...they sounded the album is out I'll need to check it out!

        Jealous. Tried to see her in a club in Oakleigh bout a month back and it was sold out. So shattered.

      rubens are good!
      though personally i prefer styles similar to LCD soundsystems more =P
      love Dance yrself clean by LCD soundsystems

    Nothing you would like, I'm sure... it's all Chinese and Taiwanese stuff for me these days..

    With one exception I guess.. there is a band that was formed a couple years back with old-timers wanting to reimagine rock'n'roll in the new milennia: Chicken Foot.

      Good that Satriani is still as amazing as ever. Most melodic guitarist there is.

    Thousand Needles in Red and a little bit of Chevelle'...

    Kendrick Lamar's new album is damn good, any rapper that goes in over a beat that samples Beach House gets a big tick from me. And HOTLINE MIAMI's soundtrack is superb, so drugged out and woozy.



          So stoked a second round of tickets has been released for his Melbourne show, unfortunately missed out on the first. Incredible album

    I'm listening to a great NZ glitchhop artists called Opiuo.

      thanks for the suggestion so far liking what im hearing =)
      On the topic of NZ music what you reckon of Mt Eden (more traditional style dubstep)?

    I'm listening to my hard drive make grinding sounds as it clings to life.

    Musically, I'm listening to Kansas because it's on the non-failing harddrive, and I'm lazy about getting new music.

    Mixed bag really...Muse's new cd "The 2nd Law", "Away From The World" by Dave Matthews Band, "Bangarang EP" by Skrillex and "Theatre is Evil" by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra.

    Waiting on the next Ministry of Sound Annual to be released.

      You I like you.

      Second Law starts really strongly and i thought it started to fade a little but the last few tracks really stand out as great songs. Bangarang is amazingly clever and so catchy.

        I agree with you how it fades in the middle.
        It's still good enough to listen through the whole album.

        Agreed regarding 2nd Law...Panic Station is probably my fave track so far. Bangarang I've really only listened to the title track a whole I need to give the rest a listen to

    Thanks to Mawt I've been listening to The Megas all week.
    I really love this acoustic version of QuickMan's song as it sets the whole thing up like a tragic western.

    Also while Megaman 2's music was the best, The Megas' Megaman 3 album has reminded me how awesome that game's music was too :)

      I really love that track as well.

      At the moment I've been listening to V/A - Handheld Heroes Volume One. It was featured on Kotaku earlier in the year; I picked up then, but I've been re-listening to it now as I paid for the Data CD version which just arrived, so I've been working on getting it playing through various handheld devices, including my GP2X Cannoo to use emulated Game Boy sound chip for the included ROM's.

    Ammonia Avenue - The Alan Parsons Project

      I haven't listened to a lot of Alan Parsons Project. Does he have anything else that is like A Valid Path?
      I've listened to bits here and there but it sounded different.

        I can't help but think of Austin Powers whenever someone mentions Alan Parsons Project.

          Me too, and I can't even think of the reference at the moment.

    So far for today: Alt-J - An Awesome Wave, not bad, a few good tracks on there and Hermitude - HyperParadise, really loving Aus Hip-Hop at the moment.
    Oh, and the Jamestown Soundtrack gets spun regularly :)

      love the hyperparadise album!
      get in my life and The Villian make me feel like such a badass when listening to them.
      Speak of the devil is pretty catchy as well
      have you heard the flume remix of hyperparadise?

      Alt-J's album is so close to my album of the year

    Always listen to Devin Townsend.
    But also been listening to Drowning Pool again since I recently bought their 4th album.

    Other than that, some Orgy (getting back into Industrial) and Gnarls Barkley (who I only recently started listening to).

      Okay, that first sentence was exceptional, (anything with Devin is tops!) But drowning pool, man that's some serious 1999 music! haha

        Well the 4th album is 2010 if that helps. I'm just 2 years late for it (and 5 years for the 3rd which I haven't heard)

        Been listening to Epicloud (it's so happy!) and Ghost most recently, but also By A Thread (the live albums of the first 4 Devin Townsend Project albums)

          Haha I still can't get them out of my head with that movie with Jet Li, The One.

          By A Thread is pretty awesome, as well as Epicloud, and Ghost! I'd suggest if you haven't done so, to obtain one of his first albums, Ocean Machine - Biochem. It's an exceptionally good album!

            I have pretty much all of his albums (Ocean Machine being the first) except for the ambient ones. There may be one or two other obscure ones I don't have but pretty sure I have everything else.

              Don't forget about Punky Brewster - Cooked on Phonics, came out the year before ocean machine, awesome and hilarious at the same time.

                Yep, Punky Bruster is a contender for my fave Devy album.

          Animals, Animals........... love this song. when I first heard it though I thought it was: Animals, animals and a monkey. I cant now get it out of my head. monkey. every time.

            Dammit. Now I'm going to hear that every time I listen to it too >_

      "Ziltoid the Omniscient" is awesome! :)

    I'm listening to ACOCO
    while at work.

    I've mainly been letting my music player (Winamp user here) decide for me what I'm listening to, however, I have been queuing up BIAS by minusbaby, Favoritism by MC Frontalot, Album Raises New and Troubling Questions by TMBG, Synthetica by Metric (Youth without Youth is fantastic!), Imaginaerum by Nightwish (There's a movie inspired by it coming next year!) and Poetry for the Poisoned by Kamelot. I also have the new Giana Sisters GST to add to my queue and I'm hoping to get God of Love by Stereo Alchemy soon.

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      Kamelot's new album Silverthorn just dropped... its amazing. I loved Poetry too... actually everything from The Fourth Legacy and up is mint. Kamelot can do no wrong by me. Nice to see another fan :-)

    Freak Show. My favourite Silverchair album.


    I have been listening to Lots of stuff,like Serrels i have been listening to a lot of Purity ring that whole album is really great. Also been listening to
    Amity Afflictions new album
    JAck Whites- Blunderbuss
    Metric- Sythetica and Fantasies
    Seth Sentry- This was Tomorrow ( go listen now its brilliantly written and funny and clever )
    Two Door Cinema club (their old stuff is better but the new stuff is pretty okay)
    Billy Talents new album (Suprise Suprise and Viking Death March are standout tracks)
    Madeon (french Music producer, so much talent only 17)
    Feed Me ( My god this is like the epitome of drum and Bass)

      Great list there =)
      Flume is mad!
      You may like the song by baths called "aminals" (yes not animals) and also "splitting colors" by Lemaitre

    I'm going to see The Black Keys tonight :) So listening to a bit of their stuff as a warm up.

    My music collection is finally out-growing my iPod's supposed 32GB, so I really need to sort out the chaff sometime soon. I just fill it up and keep it on shuffle repeat... last few have been Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park, Disturbed, Garry Schyman, Metallica, Ozzy Osbourne, Muse, Iron Maiden, Evanescence...

    Zelda 25th Anniversary Orchestra soundtrack
    Metric - both Fantasies and Synthetica
    Billy Talent - all of it
    AC/DC - Black Ice
    Halo 3 soundtrack
    Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game soundtrack (Anamanaguchi are awesome)
    Ben Folds Five - Sound of the Life of the Mind

    The latest Something For Kate album is fantastic and I'm still addicted to James Blake atm.

      And at this very second listening to Swagger Like Us.....
      All I wanna do is BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM and chk chk CHING and take your money!

      There's a new Something For Kate?! Must get on that.

        Yep, came out a few weeks ago and its great!
        (Im pretty biased though tbh)

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    Sylosis - Monolith

      good album but like their last one its too long. heaps of awesome riffs (they nail some sweet thrash) and songs but then lots of filler. this and the last album could be combined into one awesome album. I still prefer their first album.

        first album casting shadows, the supreme oppressor or their "official" first album conclusion of an age

          conclusion of an age. the others are EPs. supreme oppressor is sweet too. i havent heard casting shadows.

    Yeah, Purity Ring is rather amazing. Pretty great suggestions in here, I second Alt-J, really good stuff. Currently I have these going:
    Ghost by Sky Ferreira
    Candy Bar Creep Show by MS MR
    Forever by HAIM
    Forever by Silver Swans (apparently a popular name)
    The Haunted Man by Bat For Lashes

    EDIT: That Purity Ring song is my fave, so good

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      Oh and Bertie Blackman's latest! Really great album

      EDIT: Eff it, here's some more that I recommend from recent times, caus I love talking music and why not:
      Piramida by Efterklang
      Gold Motel (self titled)
      Shields by Grizzly Bear (so effing good)
      Highwire Poetry by Karin Park
      Cut It Out by Kitten

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        I dunno, BFL still hasn't quite lived up to that amazing first album, but it's still really good

          Winter Field, Laura and All Your Gold were the only tracks that I kept from the newest

            Awww I dunno, I think there's still a lot of good songs! I really love those three in particular too though

    Cradle of Filth are releasing their new album this week in Australia, I'll be listening to it and I highly recommended it. The album is called 'Manticore and other horrors' but I would also recommended checking out their 1994 album 'the principle of evil made flesh' along with 'midian' and 'god speed on the devils thunder.'

      Highly recommend the following:
      The furor; which is an Australian black metal band.
      Anno Domini Mortus; Newzeland black metal band.
      Ov Hell.
      Cannibal Corpse.

        I'm listening to Death Audio. Great Melbourne metal band. You tube Place the Blame - its epic

      I dunno, I haven't thought much of Cradle of Filth since Thornography. But I might check it out see what it's like. Though I can't help but laugh when I see Dani in promo pics and he has glitter all over his face..

      Everything before Midian is gold, Vempyre and Dusk and Her Embrace especially.

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