Oh Man, Somebody Made A Mass Effect Space Strategy Game

Today's reason why mods are the greatest thing in all of PC gaming: a small team of fans has turned space strategy game Sins of a Solar Empire into a Mass Effect experience.

Mass Effect - Dawn of The Reapers is a big mod for Sins that doesn't just add Mass Effect units and technology to the game, but tweaks the UI as well, in order to make everything look more authentic.

Needless to say, this might end up being the best thing since the Star Wars mod for the same game.

Mass Effect: Dawn of the Reapers [ModDB, via PC Gamer]

UI Test - Mod DB


    i was just about to uninstall sins, glad i didnt for this :D

      WTF were you thinking, its an amazing rts.

        It is. I'm scared to touch it though because when I start playing it, it just drains all my time, and I lose days to it which I just can't afford. I still have it installed though. Maybe one week when I'm not busy..

        people keep saying. i guess i cant get a hang of the mechanics. maybe im too stuck in my MoO2 ways. that'll never get uninstalled

        I agree even on it's own its addictive and fun for hours!!

    Thank you for showing me this mod, Luke. I'll be keeping my eye on this.

    Been following the mod since it first started, how far it has come.

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