Old-School Game Creators Want Money To Make Old-School RPG

Old-School Game Creators Want Money To Make Old-School RPG

Brenda Brathwaite made Wizardy, among other classic role-playing games. Tom Hall made Anachronix. They and their indie team at Loot Drop want to make a new throwback role-playing game, and they’ve posted one hell of a Kickstarter to convince you to pay them to make the game. And if you give them two million dollars, they’ll make two.

Whether you’re moved or not, this Kickstarter is a must-see. It is full of amazing testimonials from a who’s who of game developers. The best are David Jaffe’s profane endorsement and Ian Bogost’s droll encouragement for you to give.

As an added bonus, the lead video shows that they’ve apparently taken Minecraft creator Notch hostage.

Here are the details of what Brathwaite and Hall want to make:


  1. Characters: Create a group of up to 4 characters, choosing from multiple races and professions.
  2. Skills: Balance your characters’ strengths, weaknesses and skills, knowing each of them affects play.
  3. Progression: Gain experience and gain levels to hone your characters to your exact liking.
  4. Recruitable Characters: Hire NPCs to work with you, if you trust them, or allow them to hire you to be their guide.
  5. Character Extensions (Stretch Goal): Wrestle with the old-school favourites from back in the paper days – alignment, age, rank and randomly rolled temperament.


  1. Exploration: Explore a richly detailed world, home to unique, dangerous and sometimes friendly creatures who may be friend or foe.
  2. Treasure: Loot castles, caverns and dungeons and defeat hordes of creatures in a world where your skill and cunning are key.
  3. NPCs: At least five known NPC races call this world home. Forge alliances with them and do their bidding – or be their undoing.
  4. Quests: Solve hundreds of quests on your way to discovering and uncovering the secrets of the world.
  5. Multiple Endings: The smallest of intentions sometimes matters far more than you know. It is a world alive with memories.
  6. Multiple Beginnings (Stretch Goal): The endings in one game affect the beginnings in another. Import your characters from one world to another.
  7. Combat: Turn-based combat harkens back to the days when spells and swords hit hard and last-second healing spells saved the day.
  8. NPC Enemies (Stretch Goal): What once was a relatively peaceful world becomes much more dangerous not only for you, but for those who live there. New NPCs come complete with expanded game area and quests.


  1. Super Hardcore Mode (Stretch Goal) : Challenge yourself with Permadeath mode, no-save option and some optional but barely beatable bosses with the loot to prove their worth.
  2. Pen & Paper RPG ($60 Reward Tier): Gather around a table and enjoy playing Old School RPG the seriously, really old school way.
  3. Two Games, One Kickstarter ($1.9M Stretch Goal): Brenda and Tom make different, separate RPGs with unique worlds, quests, characters.

Finally, a warning
: if you play a drinking game tied to the number of times the phrase “old-school RPG” is spoken in the video for this Kickstarter, you will get very, very drunk. So… don’t. But enjoy one of the more interesting and star-studded video game Kickstarter listings in a while and give, if you think it’s worth it.

An Old-School RPG by Brenda Brathwaite and Tom Hall! [Kickstarter]


  • Not a big fan of these kickstarter projects that lack a clear goal. Project Eternity at least had a basic design plan in place. With Double Fine, there weren’t any adventure games really coming out, so making a genre game made sense, especially because of Tim Schafer’s history. But as far as Old School RPG’s go, there’s heaps of kickstarter projects for them! What makes this any better than project eternity? I don’t know! It’s just ‘Old School RPGey’.

    • I think this was my main issue with the Penny Arcade Kickstarter. They weren’t really working towards anything, it was basically just “we can make our site better if there is no advertising, so give us money and we will remove our ads”. I might as well make a kickstarter that says “I can sleep in later if I live closer to work, please help me raise $5 million dollars for an apartment in the city”.

      Only the ‘stretch’ goals promised any specific content gain in exchange for the contributions from thousands of fans.

  • I’m absolutely down for another Tom Hall RPG. With any luck it’ll be successful enough to get him the industry clout to finally secure the rights to develop Anachronox Prime.

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