One Of The Hardest, Meanest Indie Games Ever Gets An Even More Ornier Physical Edition

There's a reason most indie games come out digitally. All that printing and packing and shipping costs a whole lot of money. And while the convenience of downloadable titles is nice, sometimes you want a physical memento of a game you really love.

Edmund McMillen knows how you feel. The game-maker's The Binding of Isaac will be getting a spiffy retail release from publishers Merge and Headup Games, complete with the giant Wrath of the Lamb update that funneled in 50% more goodness into the satanic rouguelike. This new Most Unholy Edition comes a DRM-free copy of the game, along with a new soundtrack, art book and poster. It's a curious and great development for a game that came out of nowhere and plumbs such disturbing and difficult depths.


    YES! Love this game!

    Pffft, Binding of Isaac wasn't THAT hard. I mean the expansion certainly made things more difficult, but still.

    I'd considered buying the original boxed copy of Binding of Isaac, but the Wrath of the Lamb expansion is tied into Steam, so ironically buying the boxed special edition left you with a second rate version. (Damn Steam intergration). Anyway, this game is awesome and so will be this box set.

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