One Piece Wants To Be King Of PSP Bundles

When upcoming role-playing game One Piece Romance Dawn goes on sale in Japan this December, it will also get a special PSP bundle. The limited edition pack comes with a special One Piece PSP and a copy of the game. Yours for ¥19,780 (US$251).

特別デザインが施されたPSPとソフトがセットになった「PSP ワンピース ROMANCE DAWN 冒険の夜明け麦わらの一味 EDITION [4Gamer]

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    Historically, the PSP has been all about pirates!

    Not that I'm an expert, but I think they're missing an opportunity here.

    If they were to release the game digital only, and make a bundle of a PSV + redeemable code for the game, they could really migrate users across.

    No-one's going to be buying a PSP outright any more, so you could seriously build a userbase.

    Seems like a waste of an opportunity.

      It's Sony. What do you expect?

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