Only In Adventure Time Is Kicking Your Friend's Butt Ok

There are more than a few Adventure Time games out there, including the as of yet unreleased 3DS game (which is shaping up pretty nicely).

But of the iOS games out there, this one is actually fun and riffs on the delightfully silly humour that makes the show so great.

Adventure Time: Super Jumping Finn is a flight game, in the sense that your goal is to gain as much mileage out of one flight as possible. So basically Super Jumping Finn combines the awesomeness that is Flight of the Hamsters with the silliness that is its Adventure Time icing.

As you gain points with each round, you can spend the in-game currency on upgrades to Jake's kick in Finn's butt that sends him flying, or purchase Marceline who furthers your flight with the whack of her guitar against your cushiony skull (there's a lot of blonde hair under that hat).

It's based on Cartoon Network's browser game, so you can give that one a look first before forking over the $US2 it'll cost you for the iOS edition.


    Hopefully these guys make enough money off this to make a console release of a bigger game. The world of Ooo would make a kickass place to have an RPGish game ^_^
    Or maybe a 5 parter like Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People lol

      They are already making a console game

        I believe he was referring to a 'home' console, rather than a portable console.

    The game is cool. but kinda sad there's no Voice acting in it, and they could of put the theme music as the background music

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