Pass Fail: One Man’s Quest To Get His Medal Of Honor Download Code

Pass Fail: One Man’s Quest To Get His Medal Of Honor Download Code

We’re not EA customer service, but sometimes shedding a little light on silly stuff like this can help get results. More importantly, the news appears to be that some copies of Medal of Honor: Warfighter have gone out with cards that don’t have proper download codes printed on them.

Those codes, as this card says, entitle the bearer to online play (without paying for the $US10 online pass), admission to the Battlefield 4 Beta, and a map pack. Reader Doug A bought a copy of Medal of Honor: Warfighter in New York this week and discovered that while his game had the card, the card didn’t have a code.

We’ve reached out to a Medal of honour representative about the codes issue. Looking through some of EA’s forums there are scattered reports of codes not working, but not anything about missing codes altogether (like Ubisoft’s screwup with the PC version of Rocksmith last week.)

Now, what happens next is just silly. Doug went to EA support, as he should, to inform a chat representative and ask for a code. He was given one — for Medal of Honor‘s 2010 release. When he went back to EA support, “this time they refused to help me, saying that they had already given me a code,” Doug says. Trying to explain didn’t get him anywhere; evidently the rep didn’t understand the difference between the two products.

As Doug didn’t get a code, maybe there’s a copy out there with two in them? Can you spare it for Doug?


    • Yeah what a scumbag move by EA. A printing error.
      I bet those bastards deliberately had someone who misunderstood the issue and refused a second code. EA is 100% responsible here and the guy who sent his $10 missing code to gaming websites to bitch and moan instead of just returning to the store he bought it is saint.

      • Well… EA ARE 100% responsible. It’s their game, they’re responsible for the contents of the box and they’re also responsible for their own customer service.

      • you know what… he probly used white out to make it look like EA had ripped him off! yeah I know his type…

        you sir, are an idiot

  • Honestly, I hate these types of news posts.

    We never get the other side of the story, we don’t know how Doug conducted himself when talking to the EA support staff and in all honesty, he should have gone to the retailer for selling him a product that doesn’t include what it says on the box. The resolution would have been much quicker.

    • +1 – Yes EA are respinsible – but going to them is just lazy. You go back to the place you purchased it and ask them to sort it out. In Australia this is a consumer’s right – just ask Apple.

  • ea chat support is terrible. Ive spoken to the three times so far. And 2 of those occasions i was speaking to someone who was replying in half broken english. I really hope they aren’t outsourcing this shit to india.

  • EA’s support is just absolutely terrible.

    They are a mindless copy/past generic response team that is not linked to the games they support

  • I love it when people defend Indian customer support services, saying that they’re just as smart and educated as us, yet in practice they can’t tell the difference between two different video games.

    Happens with Telstra too, they make a mistake on your bill and when you ask for a refund, the Indians can’t understand why you’re entitled to a refund. Hurrr Derrr

  • i have the same problem i bought the game and there is a code printed with it.. but when i redeemed it gave me an error so tell now i cant access online and EA didnt reply yet

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