PAX Australia 3-Day Passes Are Now 50% Sold

PAX Australia 3-Day Passes Are Now 50% Sold

If you’re one of those folks who are holding off on buying tickets for PAX Australia, I thought it might be worth noting that we’ve just been informed that, as of now, three-day passes for the event are now 50% sold out. Considering the fact tickets have only been on sale for two days, you might want to hurry things along!

“The response has just been nuts, simply awesome,” said Guy Blomberg, PAX Australia’s Communications & Content Manager, when we asked him for comment. “The community has certainly spoken, and the 3-Day passes are truly for fans of what PAX itself represents. We’ll start to release more details of what’s actually on each day as soon as we can for those that only want single day passes as well.”

So, yep. PAX Australia. A pretty big deal. Anyone here heading to the event?


  • 50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%

    Bit of confusion on the Twitter front regarding exactly how many 3day passes have been sold, and at what price.

      • My mate who went to one overseas reckons that the three day pass is the best because you get to see everything at your own pace instead of rushing around trying to fit everything into one day.

  • 3 days is a bit too much when ull be able to see everthing in under two hours. How about selling one hour passes. Lol

    • You’ve obviously never seen the schedule for PAX East/Prime then, there’s ridiculous amounts of stuff on over all three days.

  • I would like to know if it would be any good before I slap down that sort of money. Maybe a one day pass would be a safer investment.

  • Bought my 3-day pass on the day!

    …then I saw my bank account the following day and now I have to save up for a while >:

  • 100% going. got my tickets, and really look forward to seeing som kotaku regulars around.

    Taking my nice big expensive camera for cospaly photos among other things. Really enjoyed doing the same thing at SDCC so nwo feel the need to go to every sort of con i can.

  • I didn’t realise they had gone one sale till I saw this post. All sorted now.
    Now I have to start planing for GDC which is coming up quickly in March :S

  • Its a bit rich selling tickets before they even announce whats going to be there. I sure as hell wont be paying until I know.

    • yeah this is kind of my problem with it… i wanna go but not knowing what the hell is happening makes me wonder if 3 days is worth it…

      to be fair i don’t think it can be compared to the US ones… we have no idea what we’re going to get over here

    • my big thing is, that far away, who knows what days i;ll be free. never know what will happen between now and then. So i just bought the 3 days, figure its worth it just for a bit of flexibility.

    • Yeah – I have to agree with this. A lot of what makes PAX great are the volunteers. By many accounts, Australians just don’t volunteer as much as people in the US, and even if we did, we may not have the population base to get enough interested volunteers.

      • From the amount of interest we’ve already gotten, I don’t think we’re going to have any problems getting volunteers aka Enforcers.

        What makes PAX great are the people, and that’s evidenced by the huge support from the community so far getting 3 day passes this far in advance.

        In terms of the difference size and scope of the show, more information will come through soon, I can say that although capacity wise it’s smaller than PAX Prime or East, in terms of content it’s bang on – except with a healthy mix of international and local stuff.

        • Hey Yug, how is this going to happen with San Diego Comic-Con on the same weekend? For Australians this is ideal as it siphons Americans away from the local event, but on the other hand that includes developers planning to exhibit at SDCC.

  • Damnit. I really wanted to wait until they announce at least some of the lineup.. but I guess i’ll have to get tickets beforehand.

    I’d definitely be going even if the lineup was sub-par, but i’d prefer to just get a single day pass if that is the case. I really want to support gaming in Australia, and turning out in force to an event like this is one way to do it (thus why i’d go even if it wasn’t amazing. If heaps of people go when it’s not great, then hopefully they make it even better the year after due to the turnout).

  • I got mine the day They became available, thanks to Kotaku. Bought 3 day pass, flights payed for, accommodation deposit paid. Can’t wait

  • Mark, a link to the site at the bottom of the article would have been great, since it’s pretty much a call to arms.

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