PAX Australia 3-Day Passes Are Now 50% Sold

If you’re one of those folks who are holding off on buying tickets for PAX Australia, I thought it might be worth noting that we’ve just been informed that, as of now, three-day passes for the event are now 50% sold out. Considering the fact tickets have only been on sale for two days, you might want to hurry things along!

“The response has just been nuts, simply awesome,” said Guy Blomberg, PAX Australia’s Communications & Content Manager, when we asked him for comment. “The community has certainly spoken, and the 3-Day passes are truly for fans of what PAX itself represents. We’ll start to release more details of what’s actually on each day as soon as we can for those that only want single day passes as well.”

So, yep. PAX Australia. A pretty big deal. Anyone here heading to the event?


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