PC Strategy Gets A Shot In The Asteroid With Blackspace

Upcoming indie PC title Blackspace is a strategy game. Sort of. There's combat and destruction, and you even build bases, but watch the video above and you'll see it feels different.

You're controlling a single unit, the "Lander", making it appear more like RTS hybrid games like Airmech or Herzog Zwei than a straight-up strategy title like, say, StarCraft.

Looks neat! Both in terms of its design and its aesthetic. I'm a sucker for "realistic" space stuff, and Blackspace looks like it has it in spades.

Blackspace - Plan. Dig. Defend. Survive. [PixelFoundry]


    That looks excellent. The lander is a perfect ten, it looks so believable given the current advances in rocket tech. Even dual engines on each point, just in case one fails - nice!

    Only 1600 of the 15$ packs and and they're sold out.They just lost my support.

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