Persona 4 Golden Continues To Look Ridiculously Awesome

Here's a new trailer for the Vita remake of Persona 4, which Atlus will release on November 20. Anyone buying a Vita just for this? I'd totally consider it if I didn't have one already.


    Soooo it looks like this game will come out before Arena?

    Only games i'd ever get on Vita would be Gravity Rush and this and honestly that doesn't substantiate a $300 purchase for me, so i'll just stand on the sidelines while you all enjoy it. :(

    Edit: Actually is Uncharted on Vita anygood? 3 games might be enough.

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      Nah. But Little King's Story is good, and Virtues Last Reward looks great.

      I liked Uncharted Golden Abyss on Vita. It was easily as good as the first Uncharted on PS3 in my opinion.

      I'm also looking forward to AC3 Liberation and P4G.

    eBay puts a PSVita at $200-$300 or so. Persona will be, what, $45+? So we're looking at between $250 and $400 depending on what you buy from where. I don't think Persona will be worth $250, unfortunately...

    If I had that kind of disposable income, I'd definitely consider it.

    anyone know the Australian date? ebgames still just lists "TBC", as does JB.

    I'm going to have to smash Virtues Last Reward in the next couple weeks before this hits!

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