Persona 4 Golden Looks Friggin' Tremendous

The graphics! The music! The new social links! The beaches! The skiing!

Atlus released this video today to show off the new features in Persona 4 Golden, and holy crap. It looks fantastic. Between this and Paper Mario: Sticker Star, I am going to be staring at small screens all damn fall.


    She can Social Link with me any day of the week!

    I wonder if this will be released before Arena.

      I thought Arena was out a little while ago? Or did Zen delay it again like usual?

        Released back in like, July around the world. There was no official date, although many thought it would be released at the start of September. At the moment there's still no official date.

    Right game, wrong system. This needs to be on PS3 and/or PC. Not paying $300 plus the cost of the game so I can play.

    definitely, i'd happily pay 'full price' for this on the PS3

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