Polyphony Is Planning A 4k Resolution Gran Turismo Demo In Tokyo

Gran Turismo has always been a bit of technological beast, but for the month of October, in Tokyo, Polyphony is helping Sony sell its new 4k resolution TVs with a Gran Turismo demo running at that resolution. So if you feel like playing Gran Turismo at a 4096x3072 resolution you might want to book yourself some flights.

It could be a glimpse at the future of the PlayStation 4. Can we expect that console to support that resolution? Maybe in our dreams.

Some folks may remember that Polyphony ran a similar demo back in 2008 for GT5: Prologue, running the game at a similar res. This may or may not be the same demo, but it's pretty cool nonetheless.

Gran Turismo Tech Demo Shown Running at “4K Resolution” [GTPlanet]


    Excuse my ignorance, but what is the point of 4K technology at this point? We have 1080 TV's and the current generation of games barely (does it even really?) takes advantage of that (most 360 and PS3 titles being upscaled from 720). When they're not being upscaled (or even if they are) they still have terrible visual fidelity. Again, excuse my ignorance, but I'm not sure what the point is.

      Innovate now, push the boundaries now, and then let affordable consumer tech catch up.

      Half those 4K screens are likely headed to major corporates or other businesses, rather than consumers.

    Thats kinda lame to be honest.. The biggest difference from 1080p to 4K is how close you can sit to the screen. Thats why companies state this as a main selling feature. I have a good 50" 1080p tv, with a decent upscaler, and I have to say, even 720p (On good games, and I mean native 720p, anything lower is really blurry.) looks good from even about a screen away with little to no pixalation, especially in the really good looking games like Uncharted 3 and Killzone. I dont really think they should push consoles to be 4k... just 1080p. And lets face it with the rumored specs of next gen, I doubt games will be running at full 1080p for long. My pc is better than the new consoles. But what ever, If people want a 80" 4k tv for $20 000, go for it.

      When will you lot just shut up. All you do is complain and complain and quite frankly most of us are tired of it. Its sony who are spending the money for the tech, if u dont want it then shut up.

      4k res is great. This means that whenPS4 comes out we are gonna get some breath taking graphics.
      All some of u do is complain and love it.
      And in my opinion, 4k res is opening up a future where games will be top quality.

      Feel srry for the people who actually know some of you people, I woulda thrown u on ur ass by now. Yet I bet Some of you support the 5 Year behind console Wii U but not 4k res. hahaha get a grip

    What kind of hardware are they running it on? It couldn't be a ps3 surely?

      I'm wondering the same thing.

        Halt Life 3 confirmed

    Actually, it might be running on a PS3, but it'd be some technical feat.

    I remember reading about a version of Gran Turismo 4 with a HDMI adaptor was released in Japan, back before everyone had 1080p. And this was on the PS2, remember.

    4K is stunning having seen it up close. And on very very large screens. Bring it on so I can afford it sooner. It's been coming for 5 years at least.

    theres no way this will be running on ps3 hardware... think about it... running in 3d mode (so essentially having to render everything twice) drops to 720p for performance reasons... 4K is much higher than 720p x2... so it'd have to be something else or multiple ps3's linked together somehow like how forza does its multiscreen

      Yes it can run on PS3. It just has too be plugged into a 4k res TV.
      Playing a ps3 gane on 4k res wont make the graphics look super realistic but will clear up the picture big time.
      For big change we will have to wait for PS4 which wont be long since Sony are hinting at it being released soonish.
      Pitty since rumours seem to indicate XBox3 misses out on 4k res.

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