Populous Developer Is Making A New God Sim

Topia is an upcoming iOS game from Crescent Moon and Glenn Corpes, formerly of Bullfrog and one of the brains behind Populous.

So you can see where some of the inspiration for Topia is coming from. Pitched as "world creation simulation", you play a "god and shape the land as you choose, by the use of touch controls".

Looks relaxing!

Topia [Official Site, via IndieGames]


    Says it's available but I don't see it on iTunes.. at least not the Australian store.. can someone confirm?

      Looking at Twitter: "Topia launches on the US App Store tomorrow night at 11pm! :) "

      So I assume that will be 11pm US time (not sure which coast) and only on US store at first.. so will have to wait for this in Aus...

      EDIT: 7.5 hours from now for those with US accounts.. looks really fun. Or maybe 1 day and 7.5hrs.. whatever.. it'll be soon.. :)

      Last edited 10/10/12 9:32 am

      It's not out yet. Due sometime this week hopefully.
      TouchArcade have a good write-up on it here;

    Looks vastly more From Dust than Populous, just sayin'....

    Got my hopes up, I'd just love to have another populous game. They were all so much fun.

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