Potaku: Extended DLC Cut

This episode of Potaku is the Extended DLC Cut that we totally promised you would be in the full version of the show, but we love money and getting lots of it that we cut it out and then charge you for it! BUY THE TRUE EDITION OF POTAKU FOR $5.99! Please send all money to Shiggy.

Hello and welcome to another fabulous episode of your favourite Kotaku Community podcast, Potaku! On this week’s show we have NovaCascade and Batguy, ready to tackle the somewhat loved, somewhat hated topic of DLC. Do we bag Capcom? Yes. BUT WHY? LISTEN FOR A WHILE PERHAPS.

This week we have not one, but TWO Community playdates! Since everyone is probably still knee deep in Pandora still, everyone on every console play some Borderlands with some fly girls and some cool brothas. And if you don’t own BL2 (it’s cool, I don’t either) we got some Team Fortress 2 set up on PC for you. Those little shindings start at 8:30PM EST this Tuesday!

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Love, ShiggyNinty (Super Handsome Bearded Adonis Extrodinare)


    I might have to get in on TF2 now that I have a decent PC. I joined once before but it chugged a bit.

    So ... how would one take part on the mystical pandoran adventure? is it just go open game and wait till you get people? is there some kind of beard ritual? ... a sacrifice to our bearded guardians, perhaps? I MUST KNOW!!!

      Try and grab peoples gamertags or PSNs on TAY or Twitter! Theyre your best bets! Or post it here!

    This week's Potaku comes with even more Pooyan than ever before. Totally worth the $5.99!

    TF2 tuesdays? Just the thing to get me back in the Kotaku community!

    Might have to set a reminder for TFTuesday...and yell at people on Twitter...

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