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Does this episode of Potaku run Crysis? Or will you just wait for the console release and not worry about fiddling around until it runs at 1080p and at 60FPS? THE CHOICE IS YOURS!

Welcome to episode 7 of season 2 of Potaku! On this episode we talk PC vs Console and what makes each side great, worse than the other and what we’d like to see in each. Joining us on this episode we have the fro’d bro Cakesmith and the ever excellent Kermitron!

Our community playdate this week is Counter Strike: Global Offensive and that’s at the usual time of 8:30PM EST on Tuesday. This is across all consoles and also on Steam. So if you got it, get on and rescue some hostages or do what I usually do and “accidentally” shoot them.

And we got some big news too! We have an actual Potaku site now! We’ll have a small episode up this week explaining what the site is and what it’s all about. But if you got the time, go and check out www.potaku.com!

If you want to get in contact with us, you can do that on either Twitter or via email!

Doc What: Email/Twitter ShiggyNinty: Email/Twitter Potaku Twitter Account

You can listen to the show on Podbean or iTunes. Make sure you share, listen, subscribe and whatever the kids do these days! Thanks for listening guys and hope you have a great week.

Love Shiggy.



    Last edited 15/10/12 3:42 pm

    NO damn it, I will not wait for the fail console port!!!
    PC elitist rant over!

    Ozzy Osbourne at the end= Win. Great moment from Brutal Legend

    You guys all have awesome voices, has to be said!

      Inside my own head it sounds like I lisp a lot, so whenever I hear recordings of myself I'm always super conscious of it.

      However, I was able to listen to this podcast without cringing, except that bit right at the end where I kept accidentally talking over shiggy. /o\

        I think a lot of people get critical of themselves when they listen to their episode. At least, I did. That's normal, right?


        For what it's worth, I reckon you did a great job, man!

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