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This year marks the 25th Anniversary of the Blue Bomber, Mega Man, so we decided to what we do best and talk about the Mega Man series for 2 hours and celebrate what makes the series so great!

Welcome again to Potaku and this special Mega Man episode! This week we have the magnificiently moustached Puppylicks and the dude who apparently knew little about Mega Man but the surprisingly knowledgeable Mawt! Wanna know what our favourite bosses are? The best weapons ever? And what is the best Mega Man ever (Mega Man 2 and X are the best, anyone else who says different is blind and deaf)?

What’s the community playdate this week? Well guess what? THERE IS NONE! Go and grab some mates, your buddies and chums and choose a game and have some fun! Have a drink and a laugh and relax! The gaming world is your oyster!

As usual get in contact with us about anything through email or Twitter.

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Thank you for listening and hope you have a great week!

Love Shiggy.




    Last edited 23/10/12 2:53 pm

    2 hours worth? Ok then...

      Too long for you?

        just a thought, but for the eps that have a very specific topic like megaman or zelda, you could have a theatrical release for people like me who arent die-hard megaman fans, & a directors cut for those who are?

        Edit: but then again, that sounds like more work. its your podcast, so you do what you wanna do man :)

        Last edited 23/10/12 3:13 pm

          That's an awesome idea. I always feel bad skipping 80 minutes of Mega Man or Zelda content. :P

    And then you loved Zero....until you realized that Zero was not actually a girl.


      Yes! Do it!
      I also checked out the Mega Man 11 Soundtrack Project. It's Amazing - so much love there.

        I can see a lot of fanboys dumping Splash Woman for Whip Woman as their new waifu

    The thing is, we do these eps because there are fans out there. They want to hear us talk about it for two hours and when its game specific, we'll talk for as long as possible not just as a celebration of what the games are, but the fun these games and any game brings us. I understand the complaints and we take them on board. We hope you do listen to every episode for every second, but we understand if you don't. Keep listening guys and enjoy the show!

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