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It’s the spookiest, scariest and most downright terrifying time of the year…HALLOWEEN! So what does Potaku do about it? Trick or treat? Raise the dead? Summon Satan? No. We talked about the scariest and most horror filled games of all time!

Welcome to another week of Potaku and the scary Halloween special! This week we have Number 35 and Jimu on to haunt and cause spectral havoc on the show!

Seeing as it is Halloween, we’ve got some pretty apt games this week for playdates. Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare at 8:30PM EST Tuesday for 360/PS3. Grab your blunderbuss and prepare for an overrun of undead. PC players, you got Left 4 Dead 2, same time and same day.

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Check out the show and grab it here or here or on iTunes.

Have a spooky Halloween and a great week everyone!


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