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(Guitar solo)

Welcome to another episode of Potaku! On this week’s episode we talk all things music, from our favourite tunes, best musical moments, whether music is important to a game and why we love it so much! Joining us this week is Welbot and resident musician Anonymous Pessimist!

This week in Community Playdates we have Red Dead Redemption on both Xbox 360 and PS3 at 8:30PM EST Tuesday. Ever want to punch a horse and not face repercussions in real life? Here’s the chance! Make sure you grab gamertags and the like and get ready to rustle some cattle or whatever ranchers and stuff do.

Don’t forget to leave feedback, comments, ideas or song suggestions to either myself or Doc What on Twitter or email!

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You can listen to the show through Podbean or iTunes. Keep up with Potaku on Twitter as well through the hashtag #Potaku, or even follow the Official Potaku Twitter!

Thanks for listening again everyone, hope you enjoy the show and later on we’ll have a lot of EB Expo stuff to share!

Love Shiggy


    From what I've heard of it, this week's is good and all, but they really should bring back that Batguy guy.

      Every episode from now on that doesn't feature him should begin with all the guests asking "where's Batguy?"

        Batguy needs to be louder, angrier, and have access to a time machine.

    a potaku about game music and i wasn't invited?


      We put out the call on the internets! You should have said you wanted to be on!


          if no phoenix wright music is mentioned then i will regret not knowing this was happening, everyone needs to hear phoenix wright music

            LISTEN AND FIND OUT!

              I found your lack of the Halo monk chant disturbing...

              Also, now I've got that damn Mario Throwback theme playing on loop in my mind.

    Haha, I got a StreetPass at EBX on Friday telling me to listen to Potaku. Then later while going through ResiRevelations StreetPasses, I saw the familiar looking name Doc What :P

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