Prey 2 Is In 'Limbo,' Designer Says

You might be wondering what has happened to Prey 2, the delayed shooter that Bethesda was supposed to release this year. rumours have swirled that it was cancelled, that maybe developer Human Head Studios is no longer working on it, that maybe Bethesda has just given up.

Well it's not cancelled, according to Human Head's Nathan Cheever. It's just in limbo:

I've pinged Bethesda just in case they're willing to shed more light on this strange situation. Will update this post should I hear back.

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    "This game is too different from CoD AND it doesn't have a multiplayer!? I'm sorry, but I'm putting this game on hold until you developers learn the importance of earning me money!".

      Yes, Bethesda who published Dishonored, a game about stealth/action, is a new IP and doesn't have multiplayer is very clearly thinking along those lines.

    Damn. Prey was a but iffy but Prey 2 had a lot of promise. Be a shame if it gets canned. :(

    "Limbo" means "probably cancelled", BTW. Starcraft: Ghost went into limbo, for instance.

      No, Starcraft Ghost was 'shelved indefinetly'


    Godammit I was really excited for this game.

      Yeah, shit. I remember that awesome trailer...

    Not sure if ironic is the word for it, but a little funny considering Prey 1 was in limbo for a good number of years.

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