Prison Architect's Buy-In Alpha Breaks $100,000 In Three Days

How do you like then gold-coated apples? Introversion's Kickstarter-like approach to the alpha release of its upcoming Prison Architect has worked out handsomely, with the indie dev raking in a cool $US100,000, just 72 hours after opening the doors to the offer.

Like Kickstarter, Introversion's setup involves multiple pricing tiers, with the minimum contribution being $US30. Unlike Kickstarter (well, some projects anyway), all the tiers guarantee you a copy of the final game, as well as immediate access to the game's alpha.

The most fascinating takeaway is that the "Warden Norton I Presume?" pack, priced at $US1000 and limited to five people, has already been snapped up by four interested gamers. As of September 29, here's how all of the sales (2667) were distributed (courtesy of Eurogamer, in US dollars):

Base ($30) — 1801 Aficionado ($35) — 343 Introversioner ($40) — 134 Name in the Game ($50) — 302 Physical Pleasures ($100) — 69 Digital-Immorto-Criminalise Your Face ($250) — 13 Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture ($500) — 1 Warden Norton I Presume? ($1000) — 4

Obviously, the $US30 bundle was the most popular, however, the numbers don't necessarily shrink as the price goes up. If you look at the $US35, $US40 and $US50 tiers, you'll see the $US40 is a bit over one-third of the $US50 one. I'd say the motivating factor is that the $US10 more you pay is not that significant, compared to the $US50 jump between "Name in the Game" and "Physical Pleasures".

Prison Architect makes Introversion $100,000 in 72 hours [Eurogamer]


    Awww Introversion, where have you been for so long?

    he had me at "inspired by Theme Hospital..."

    Looks great :) quite keen.
    And those game breaking bugs look hilarious. May not be intentional but amusing none the less.

    Hope it takesoff! :)

    still upset they shelved Subversion in favour of this :/

    Thought it sounded good, but I can't abide those stupid character models.

    I've already pirated this arrrgh!

      Same. Glad they are doing well, but at a $30, no thank you, especially after seeing what the game is in at the moment. Its worth 5-10 at the most

    Not up to you to decide if it's too much don't play it.
    If your playing it it obviously worth the money.

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