Professional Video Gamer Suspended For Saying He Had Sex With A 14-Year-Old

Well, if there's a big lesson of the past week, it's that cretinous online behaviour may not be illegal in and of itself, but that doesn't mean you won't face consequences for engaging in it. Take the case of Ilyes "Stephano" Satouri, a member of the StarCraft team for Evil Geniuses, the renowned pro gaming clan.

Last week, Satouri (who is French) was caught in a livestreamed game saying that "I have abused of a child" and, asked if that meant he had sex with an underage person (14 years old), said "Yes". See the image above.

It's still proof of nothing. Absent a victim or some other confirmation, it could be a sick joke, or the joking escalation of something lost in translation between English and French.

The embarrassment, however, rated a full month's suspension, without pay, from Evil Geniuses. The team handed down the suspension today, and Satouri has accepted it and apologized for his behaviour.

"French Zerg player Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri has been suspended without pay for the remainder of October, following his recent inappropriate comments," Evil Geniuses said in a statement. "He will be ineligible to participate in all online and offline competitions during the month of October, including the upcoming GD Invitational and DreamHack Bucharest tournaments for which he was previously signed up."

Said Satouri: "I want to very sincerely apologise to all of my fans, my teammates and management at EG, all of EG's sponsors, and the rest of the community for my comments last week. They were insensitive, inappropriate, way over the line, and are deserving of the serious ramifications I have received from my team. I accept responsibility for my mistake, and I will be more careful in the future."

However, notes Evil Geniuses: "The decision to suspend him, without pay, for the rest of October is final, but the situation is still being reviewed internally at EG, and we do not consider the matter closed as of yet."

The full statement is at the link.

Evil Geniuses Suspends Ilyes 'Stephano' Satouri for October (Statement) [Team Liquid, thanks Francis N.]


    What a moron - you check to see if you are being streamed BEFORE you say crap like that. But even so, he shouldn't have said it. Under-age child sex isn't a laughing matter. Abusing a child is not a funny joke. No, I'm not saying that he should be thrown in jail. If he wants to make such comments, he's free to do so. And I am free to look down on him and think he's disgusting. That's MY free speech.

      Hey everyone, I just murdered you- pretty horrific hey?

      Quick imprison me.

      "Aids isn't a laughing matter. Aids is not a funny joke. "
      "Homophobia isn't a laughing matter. Homophobia is not a funny joke. "
      "Poverty isn't a laughing matter. Poverty is not a funny joke. "
      "Racism isn't a laughing matter. Racism is not a funny joke. "
      "Piracy isn't a laughing matter. Piracy is not a funny joke. "


      If there was a South Park episode about this- it would be funny.

      Everyone that was offended by this needs to think about opening up, trying anal maybe.

        There's already plenty of South Park episodes about this...

          I know, case in point- he was joking.

    Regardless of the lack of victim details, this matter is still deserving of police investigation. Somebody's kid potentially got a sex pounding.


      I'm hoping that's what they meant by “The decision to suspend him, without pay, for the rest of October is final, but the situation is still being reviewed internally at EG, and we do not consider the matter closed as of yet.”

    "asked if that meant he had sex with an underage person (14 years old), said “Yes”. See the image above."
    i dont see the word "yes" in his reply anywhere in the screenshot so why is this "Yes" taken as a direct quote?

      I Was about to comment on this as well. He never said anything about having sex with a minor, and indeed it comes across (to me anyway) as though he was trying to say he played against a 14 year old the day prior and either beat them badly or insulted them during a game.

      I'd say this is probably a case of being lost in translation...and considering how coherent his "official statement" on the matter is compared to his chat in game, I'd say his statement was probably written for him in english.

    People joke about this sort of thing all the time on the internet. All the open talk about stuff is 99% always a bluff and a joke. If he really did it, it wouldn't be said in a Starcraft stream.

    Yep, the police should investigate every claim of rape made in online gaming, great idea there champ.

      It would take years to question/investigate all the mothers of the world.

    FYI, that pic above is of someone reacting to the message. It's not a pic of the person who said it.

    Well if he likes saying it... He must at the very least fanatise having sex with children.. Right? What a French faggit

      No one mentioned anything about fantasizing about children mate, not sure if you should take that any further there champ...

    Since it is actually relevant to the article but took an entire 2 seconds to wikipedia (so was too much journalism for kotaku), the age of consent in France is 15.

      The article says 14 is underage.

    The actual details of the incident are often irrelevant compared to the public perception of it, and bans/fines are often made based on that rather than the actual incident. Positions on the ranked teams are also rare enough that it's sometimes a case of confess/apologise for the perceived incident simply to allow the team to put the matter to rest, or lose your position on the team completely simply to avoid having the team associated with the matter.

    Regardless of whether he did anything or not, or the appropriateness of what he said, I miss the days where teams in gaming would rally around their members another instead of throwing them under the public bandwagon for the sake of publicity

    So... has anyone thought that he might of meant he abused/f---ked a 14 year old in a game of starcraft? Anyone thought that he may of said that in a different context such as that one? Because that was honestly my first thought... My online gaming vocabulary xD

      He accepted the suspension he was given, so I think we can assume this isn't what he meant.

        No we can't, he may have accepted the suspension for something along the lines of he broke the Evil Geniuses code of conduct. Just because he accepted the suspension in no way does that mean he was actually admitting to molesting a child.
        A little of "innocent until proven guilty" would go a long way here.

          That's ironic gus, since the French operate in the reverse as guilty till proven innocent.

          In any case I agree with you, accepting the suspension is a reflection that it was in poor taste his comments but not that he actually abused a kid. I mean, given the seriousness of the allegation, 'suspension' is a bit weak right so if EG thought perhaps it was meant in this other way, then they'd make it known that they immediately referred it to the police... or I would at least.

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