Quantum Conundrum Creators Bravely Venture Into Mobile Gaming With PIXLD

Quantum Conundrum Creators Bravely Venture Into Mobile Gaming With PIXLD

Quantum Conundrum‘s Kim Swift (because I am tired of typing Portal creator) and her team at Airtight Games have undergone a startling epiphany — mobile phones can play games. They’ve launched Airtight Mobile to take advantage of this discovery, with the first of these “mobile phone games” dropping next week. It’s called PIXLD.

From the official announcement press release:

PIXLD is Airtight’s first release under the new Airtight Mobile brand, an innovative and unprecedented venture aiming to do the impossible: allow consumers to experience the joys of video gaming on their mobile telephones.

“Seriously, have you seen these things?” said PIXLD creative director Kim Swift, gesturing at Apple’s sixth-generation iPhone. “They’re like tiny computers. Tiny computers you carry in your pocket. So I’m all like, ‘I know this sounds nuts, but guys, let’s put some games on there.’ And they did. Bam.”

Man, if only I had known this sooner I wouldn’t have given away my smart phones to the homeless.

PIXLD is a stunningly simple match game in which the player is challenged to make blocks of similar shades of blue. Touching one of the small bits on the screen swaps the colour of it and all the bits around it. You can see where that my pose a problem.

“Is it risky betting on an emerging platform like iOS? You bet. But I have a feeling Apple just might be onto something here,” added Swift. “Buying a video game that you can play on your phone for less than a cup of coffee? That’s just crazy!”

That is kinda crazy. Even crazier is the fact that PIXLD will be released next week on iTunes for the introductory price of $0.99 — half off of the price you can figure out using maths (hint — add a penny to your end result).

We’ll have more on PIXLD once we figure out how to put games on our iPhones. What, we just set them on top or something?

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