Report: Naughty PS Vita Game Puts The “Flash” In Flash

Report: Naughty PS Vita Game Puts The “Flash” In Flash

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus is bringing its jiggly ninja to the PS Vita. The 3DS game is getting an upcoming PS Vita title, out next year. While Shinovi Versus starts off a new series, the ridiculous breast motif should be familiar to those who remember the original game.

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus‘ official site features a splash page with a topless Senran Kagura character surrounded by swords, which obscure her nipples. There’s highly suggestive scroll action, too.

According to Japanese site Otaku, the flash actually contains a completely topless version of the image (below, Kotaku Fish added) buried in the cache. Add that highly suggestive scroll motion, and you have something that looks kinda pornographic!


Senran Kagura: Shinovi Versus -Shinobitachi no Shoumei (rough translation: Young Girls’ Proof) was one of the big Vita games Sony showed at its pre-Tokyo Game Show press conference, and it will be getting an anime in Japan next year — more clothes, too, hopefully!

PSV「閃乱カグラ」公式を解析すると乳首とパ●ズリが拝めるwwww [オタク NSFW]

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  • Yup. Love how that has nothing to officially do with game an is some “fan” made thing…. Hmmm, did look at the real vita trailer for the game though, I think I liked it better in 3D on th 3DS 😉

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