Resident Evil 6 Vs Gears Of War 3: Slide-By-Slide Comparison

Some people may have noticed that Resident Evil 6 is a bit more like a modern Gears of War game than it's like a classic Resident Evil game. Is that because you can now run and shoot at the same time? Is it because you're now in explosive adventures in a game that feels more like a war-time battle and less like a crawl through a haunted mansion?


Or maybe it's just that, in both RE6 and Gears 3, our heroes can go to a playground and ride a children's slide. So, how do they compare in that regard?

Our video here shows this vital comparison, though be warned: there are mild spoilers about the identity of one of RE6's playable characters.

Who slides better? RE6? Or Gears?


    They didn't show them riding the panda!

    Anyways, the main difference is that Cole Train cheers himself for doing it.

      Cole Train don't go "woo woo", he goes WOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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