Retro Studios Probably Not The Right Fit For Zelda Says Miyamoto

Retro Studios has made a career from expertly and delicately bringing the best out of overlooked or struggling Nintendo franchises. Metroid Prime is arguably one of the greatest games released in the last decade and Donkey Kong Country Returns? I'd argue it's the best 2D platformer of this generation. Some fans have been clamouring for Retro Studios to work its magic on Zelda but, according to Miyamoto, that probably won't happen.

Whilst in Spain, Miyamoto conducted a roundtable interview with a handful of Spanish Journalists. Game Reactor was among the outlets invited, and reported that while Miyamoto is a fan of Retro Studios, he feels like handing over a franchise of the much importance to Retro may be a little difficult for Nintendo.

Although Retro is "qualified", said Miyamoto, it would be important for Nintendo that the team stay in constant communication with Nintendo and "outside communication is more complicated". According to Miyamoto, it's better for Retro to "focus on developments with less dependence".

It makes sense. Properties like Donkey Kong and Metroid are big franchises but Zelda games can, quite literally, be make or break for a Nintendo system, particularly amongst a certain subset of fans. It may still be a little tough for Nintendo to let go of that baby, especially to a Western studio on the opposite side of the world.

Shame, I would have loved to see what Retro Studios could have done with Zelda.

En la mesa con Miyamoto: los 10 titulares [GameReactor]


    Donkey Kong Country Returns WOULD be one of the best platformers IF it had classic controller support. The core game was great, but the mandatory motion controls to roll were imprecise and annoying. I also thought that Diddy Kong was too useful, to the point that you might as well go die if you lose him. Rayman Origins is the best platformer of this generation for me, followed by Super Meat Boy.

    Metroid Prime was awesome though.

      Ehh, I think best platformers is an overstatement. But, actually considering I cant think of a bunch of 2d platformers Id rather play I guess maybe it is. The shake for rolling was silly but it didnt bother me too much

      You know what -- maybe Super Meat Boy has it. For some stupid reason I forgot about that game!

        Rayman, Meat Boy, Donkey Kong - all great 2d platformers... but am I the only person who thinks that New Super Mario Bros Wii is ONE OF THE GREATEST GAMES OF ALL TIME???

        Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but I enjoyed that game in co-op like very few others. And I agree with Jake that waggle to roll/thump in DKCR was painful, thank goodness for Dolphin.

          It has the best 2D platforming coop I've seen this generation (DKCR's didn't work with the level design), but NSMB represents are period of creative stagnation at Nintendo to me.

          Super Meat Boy all the way for me.

            Rayman Origins has my vote
            I had so much fun playing that with my little brother

              Rayman Origins is good with one or two players. But with four it's shocking.

              NSMBW does four player co-op much better, but I think DKCR is still the best 2D platformer on the Wii.

                Flying the flag for N+. Oh, how I love its simplicity.

                  +1 for N+ :)

      Rayman Origins is probably mine as well. Either that or Ms Splosion Man

    Zelda is doing fine. Dunno why soo many people seem to want Retro to have Zelda, just let them continue with Donkey Kong cos Nintendo have proved they cant make a good DK game themselves without help.

      I wouldn't exactly say Zelda is doing "fine", sure the games are still good, but they feel like empty, hollow shells of what the franchise used to be, and a western eye could have shaken that up. I mean after all the best Zelda game I've played in a long time is Darksiders 2 and that was made by a western developer.

      Also I'd prefer Retro to go back to making Metroid games than keep with ol' DK (though honestly, I wouldn't mind either).

        It's funny you say that, because I'd argue the three best Zelda games since Windwaker are Darksiders 1 and 2 and Okami.

        All three of those games had serious flaws - but at least they were compelling.

          I'd agree with ds 1 and okami, but strongly disagree with ds 2, the excessive focus on loot and crappy narrative made it feel more like gauntlet with puzzles or something, not a bad thing, but not Zelda, certainly the devs always hated the comparison and shied away from it (not sure why, its a key reason I love ds 1 so much).

        Sounds like someone is old and nostalgia-eyed. Skyward Sword is my favorite Zelda next to Majoras. And Darksiders is nothing like Zelda, totally different game. Dont ask for one game to be like another game that you like. That is just silly

          Yeah Darksiders is nothing like Zelda, there's not even any block pushing puzzles.

          (or are there?)

      I'd argue its not doing fine. I'm a massive Zelda fanboy, but the last three games (Spirit Tracks, Phantom Hourglass and Skyward Sword) were all pretty mediocre. There is nothing technically wrong with the games, but all three were super boring with a lot of padding, as though the people working on it don't know how to make a fun adventure game anymore.

      In fact, I think a lot people feel the last really great Zelda game was Windwaker. I liked Twilight princess, but it played pretty much exactly like OoT (at least it wasn't boring). Skyward Sword tried to shake things up and partially succeeded, but it ended up being boring as hell by the end and just lacked the exploration I'd expect from an adventure game.

        Twilight Princess was unbearably boring in my, and ALOT of other people's opinions. I didnt finish it. Skyward Sword more boring than Twilight? Hell, whats wrong with you?

          It basically had zero exploration.

            It also telegraphed to much and required basically no problem solving on the part of the player.

              Plus the mandatory stealth sections being overdone.

        I liked Skyward Sword more than Wind Waker (I actually kind of hated Wind Waker, it's too much filler, not enough content), but both couldn't possibly hold a candle to Link to the Past.

        I don't want to be "that guy" but Link to the Past was really the last Zelda that I thought was really great. Like many SNES games it's held up well (especially compared to OoT which even with a revamp and remake feels completely out of place and disconnected from the contemporary gaming sphere) and actually has some kind of element of exploration and discovery, which was all but eliminated with Ocarina of Time.

        That's the main problem with Zelda now, it telegraphs too much and is just going through the motions. Not that I want Zelda to be Dark Souls or anything, but the franchise desperately needs to stop with the hand holding and let the players discover things by themselves.

          SS was hardly going through motions. Its the most different Zelda has been for a while. And Nintendo likes to be accessible to all ages which is why they love hand holding. Though having said that I dont remember a bunch of hand holding in SS. Sure you got the token helper character in the sword lady but I think you can ignore it if you want.

            You know playing Ocarina of Time 3D makes me wonder why Navi was so hated when the game came out. Fi is worse in every way, from the never ending reminders (which Navi never did, she just yelped at you once and that was it) to her atrocious condescending tone that made me really realise how low Ninty were aiming with this one.

            I don't need her to tell me every time that I get low health that I should heal (in fact I don't need her to tell me that at all), and I don't need her to repeat this message every five seconds if I can't manage to find a heart somewhere.

              Didn't they tone down the yelping the remake? I never had a problem with Navi so much as the mise she made, and that I couldn't turn it off, and her advice was mostly pointless and unskippable. If I'd just been able to skip the advice she would have been the perfect companion.

      I don't think Zelda's doing fine. Zelda games should be memorable, and they haven't been memorable for quite some time now. I would love to see a western take on it purely because it'll be different and I fully trust Retro to do it right.

      It might be doing 'fine' but 'fine' is not what it used to be. It used to be far better than 'fine'.

    That's a shame. I'd love to have Retro Studios make a Zelda game, but I can see his point.

    Retro are busy with the next F-Zero anyway.

      Hahaha, they'd damn-well better be! That or Star Fox.

      Although considering how Nintendo's relationship with Platinum seems to be atm (P-100, Bayonetta 2), they're probably prepping them to take on Star Fox.

      *wishful thoughts*

        Oh man, a Star Fox made by Platinum Games would be absolutely orgasmic.

          Any Nintendo IP made by Platinum would be orgasmic, even Animal Crossing.

    Does that mean Retro can get to work on that Megaman X game yes please?

    Shame, I think Retro could really reinvigorate the Zelda franchise. As said above, the recent games haven't been bad, they just haven't been exciting or innovating. Nothing really new since Wind Waker.

    Duh, Nintendo just don't get it. Retro is the exact studio they need to make Zelda good again. Nintendo have their heads so far up their asses when it comes to their precious IP, they don't even recognize that they're slowly smothering them to death.
    Zelda (see: all Nintendo franchises) need to do something new and extreme and what better way than to hand it over to Retro.

    What about a Zelda spin-off? Maybe a game where you play as Tetra pre-Windwaker, or Sheik during the 7 year gap in OoT? Would it be such a crazy idea to make a Zelda game that's actually about Zelda?

      Isn't that actually what one of the CDi games did?

      Last edited 30/10/12 2:56 am

        People always bring that up, but those games don't count. And I'm sure that if Nintendo, Retro or Platinum did it, they'd do a far better job.

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