Robert Downey Jr Flies A Jet In This Call Of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer

It's called "Surprise" and it was directed by Guy Ritchie. It involves a lot of people blowing each other up, including Robert "Iron Man" Downey Jr. That's about all you need to know.

Black Ops II is out on November 13 for just about every platform you can think of.

Now I need your help. I recognise Robert Downey Jr obviously, but I don't know who anyone else in this trailer is. Do you recognise them? Let me know below.


    Wasn't that Scottish guy Kevin McKidd the voice of Soap?

    pretty sure the black guy was in the french movie "the intouchables" where he cared for this quadraplegic (spelling) Omar Sy is his name I think. the dude from FPS russia was also in there.

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      Yeah thought the FPS Russia cameo was good. Who was the girl on the horse?

        girl on the horse is iJustine

          IJustine the one who threw the tomahawk axe

    Wasn't that RussianFPS guy?

    This looks cool, mw3 didn't do it for me strangely, think it was the maps. Bf3 is king to me

    Is the guy with the grenade Zack Gallefe-whachamacallit?

      Looks like him, but I don't think it is.

    Still trying to decide if that was Jack Black with the looks like him from the side, but not so much the front.

    As cool as the cameos were, how many times have we seen pretty much this exact ad for FPS game releases? This is pretty much the most creatively bankrupt commercial I've ever seen.

    Actually, that kind of makes this the most honest advertisement ever.

      Four times now, I think. One for Modern Warfare, one for Black Ops, another for Modern Warfare 2 and now this one.

      It's Activision's marketing campaign for COD, numbnuts =P haha

    That's a pretty funny ad. The sad part is I enjoyed that more than I've enjoyed any COD since COD4.

    I can't stand this type of camera work. All of the swooshing around and random slow-mo just looks so amateurish.

    That was not a very good ad. It gave no indication of the game itself - just a bunch of faces it hopes to be recognizable by its target audience.

    But then, a lot of ads don't feature the product - but they almost always feature some sort of emotion which that product triggers, in this case that emotion should have been, what, fun? excitement? Only the ad is so transparent in its attempt to attach celebrities to its product that it conveys nothing of the sort.

    I have played every CoD game since CoD4 - but this ad doesn't make me want to play CoD:BLOPS2 because it as an ad could literally work for any of the CoDs.

      Except fOr the fact that they were all killing each other with weapons from the games and it had freaking zombies.

        Which CoD are we even talking about now. What you said literally applies to every single CoD game since what... WaW?

    Mmm, "surprise". Because getting killed from an enemy I can't even see, is always how I like to die in my multiplayer games.

    You saw the name Guy Ritchie and expected something different?

    Love the last bit. "Zombies...... Groovy!"

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