Rockstar's Releasing One Hell Of A Compilation Disc

While the cover art appears to be predictably awful, there's little disputing the quality of the contents of this compilation of Rockstar games that's turned up on retail sites.

Called "Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1", it bundles Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City and Midnight Club Los Angeles: Complete Edition.

It's listed at around $US60 and slated for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 on November 13.

Rockstar Games Collection: Edition 1 Playstation 3 [CD Universe] Rockstar Games Collection Coming Soon, 4 games for the price of 1 [thekonamicode @ NeoGAF]


    So that would be what six discs on Xbox?Good deal but I already have them all.No pc release?Rockstar really don't want Red Dead on pc do they.

    I call Shenanigans.

        Sorry. Bit obtuse. It's confirmed - I just thought the cover was BS - give me an 80s compilation cover anyway LOL do not like it. Better than orange box though.

          Ah, gotcha :)

    Could have mocked up John Marston driving a Midnight Club car solving murders in Liberty City.

    Seriously though, I don't see anything wrong with that cover.

    I have 3 out of 4 games in the set yet im tempted. Lol

    Cover isn't too bad. How else would you display 4 games on a single cover without it looking pure crap?

      Phelps riding a horse in a street race while interrogating a hooker?

    That's so much gameplay. Maybe it'll come with an exclusive demo of GTA:V... I think there's no better way too make this collection fly off the shelves.

    Looks like a standard GTA cover to me.

    I wonder if this includes any of the DLC?

    still not as bad as that horrible Batman Arkham City GOTY cover:

    I'm suddenly feeling quite happy that I haven't purchased any of these games (despite being quite tempted to over the years).

    So, a bunch of games that no one plays anymore.

      Hey ease up I've only just gotten to Mexico in RDR!

    Well, would be great if I didn't already have most of them.

    If I'm reading this right it doesn't seem to have GTA4 in it, just the expansions.

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