Say Hello To Your Little Friends — Scarface Mobile Goes Multiplayer

What good is a drug-fueled murderous rampage if there's no one to share it with? Fuse Powered and Hothead Games' single-player mobile Tony Montana adventure game goes multiplayer today, giving players a chance to make friends, recruit friends, and rob friends.

Scarface for iOS was sort of a graphical Mafia Wars, only without the social aspect. Now it has the social aspect. You can still take over and upgrade a wide variety of businesses, engaging in nearly 100 missions along the way. It's just now you can do this while growing in power by recruiting friends to join your mafia, taking out enemies and just generally doing happy fun Tony Montana things.

Scarface multiplayer is free today on the App Store, so if you've got the urge to pretend you're snorting mountains of cocaine before going on a shooting spree, now's your chance to band together with like-minded individuals. Nothing could go wrong with this plan.


    No Android? What is this, 2006?

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