See How Sleeping Dogs’ Next DLC Lets You Beat Up The Undead With Magic Kung-Fu

See How Sleeping Dogs’ Next DLC Lets You Beat Up The Undead With Magic Kung-Fu

Earlier today, Square Enix and United Front Games announced that they’ll be delivering a horror movie style add-on to the gritty open-world action of Sleeping Dogs. The publisher and developer showed off the trailer and some gameplay from Nightmare in North Point, and talked about the special weapons and abilities Wei Shen will get access to with the DLC.

This DLC follows the trend of Red Dead Redemption‘s Undead Nightmare DLC and the Festival of Blood add-on that Sucker Punch made for the PS3’s Infamous 2 last year. I, for one, applaud this movement, especially if it includes grindhouse-inspired presentation like in this trailer. Look for Nightmare in North Point to hit on October 30th.


  • …… Looking at Wei Shen running like Coles lightning then teleport away turned me off. Most likely I wont get the DLC because it is a like zombie fan service. We need to stop getting undead shit just because it appeals to westerners. Its getting out of hand. Soon westerners will be zomtaku =.=

    • Are you saying they should stop doing something because it appeals to their target audience? Seems like pretty crappy logic to me.

      • Its called over milking the fan base. Just because undead is the thing doesnt mean everything can mix undead in. Which part of sleeping dogs does it look like it will fit in undead?

          • The reviews for undead nightmare were pretty good, and it was implemented well with its own story and mechanics, cutscenes, zombie related dialogue, etc. I can understand if its implemented badly, but this looks pretty good. And its probably going to be inspired by the chinese mythos for zombies (hopping zombies!) and evil spirits, AND you use hand to hand combat too so thats even better!

            And besides, if people want this DLC and buy it, then thats because they want to. And if people don’t want to buy it, then their attempt at milking the fan base will fail, so its a waste of time for the developers and SQUARE.

    • Is that because it makes no sense to have the undead, ghosts and spirits in a game whose cultural influence is full of mythology and superstition about the undead, the afterlife, spirits of ancestors, ghosts, demons and the supernatural?

      • what are you racist? =.= I feel offended by you because Im asian. Does that mean every western games have to be about Jesus because that is how western culture is? I don’t see that happening at all.

  • Oh DAMN I was hoping they’d go with Chinese lore and use actual Chinese undead!!!!! The hopping vampires!!! 😀 😀 😀

  • I don’t care what the DLC features, just the fact that we get more added to the Sleeping Dogs story is good enough for me

  • I see what your saying, but heck! I love zombie games but it doesn’t work with everything…. So they should stop milking it and leave undead games to the serious undead fans/creators like undead labs doing state of decay gota be one of the great zombie games on the way screw this half assed throw some zombie in stuff 😛 bring on the apocalypse! Haha ^.^

  • ugh, goddamned zombies, even zombie fans should be sick of this BS by now. How about real add-ons that fit the story and setting? How about Wei Shen finally taking over the triads like I so dearly hoped he would 🙁

  • I feel very sad for you letrico your missing out on some good game experiences ala undead nightmare and well as for you telling people they’re racist and misinterpreting comments you sir kind of sound like an ass

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