Sexy? Disgusting? This Silent Hill Statue Is Being Called Both

Next February, figure maker Gecco is releasing this 25cm Silent Hill 2 Bubble Head Nurse figure. It's priced at ¥9800 (about $123 — though, you can find it cheaper).

Online in Japan, bloggers and net users are calling the figure "eroguro" (エログロ), which means both "erotic" and "grotesque". Fair enough, I guess, as that's what the Bubble Head Nurses are often dubbed.

Judge for yourself below.

サイレントヒル2/ バブルヘッドナース 1/6スケール PVCスタチュー [Mamegyorai]


    Applying a paper bag to the head will solve the problem ;)

      Where am I supposed to get a bag that small?

    Why are there so many nurses in Silent Hill?

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