Show Us Your XCOM Squad

I sincerely hope you guys are all playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown right now. Yeah, Dishonored is great. But XCOM, man… this game has been keeping me up until 3 in the morning night after night. It's amazing.

As we noted in our tips for playing the game, one of the best things about the game is how you can customise and rename your squad. Twitter has been on fire with people sharing their friends' in-game exploits (I have personally been killed like three or four times).

So, we want to see your XCOM squad!

Drop a link to a picture of them in the comments, tell us who they're based on, and share any great exploits they've had.


    I'd love to show you my squad, but I just had my first terror mission and now they're all dead.

    This game is goddamn awesome, Dishonored is great, but it's just sitting there gathering dust while XCOM steals all my time

      Similar thing happened to me, I got baited hard by a Cyberdisk and at least 6-7 of those brute morph things next thing I know 5 Captains are dead and only thing I have left is a seriously injured Colonel Sniper.

      Now I'm stuck with a group of squaddies, maybe I should start a new game and focus more on satellites

      Same thing happened to me on my first terror mission, Chrysalids came out of nowhere and infected one of my soldiers, turning him into a zombie that then attacked my highest ranking soldier and killed him (the one that survived the very first mission). Two of my other soldiers then panicked and started shooting everything that moved. I ran my only surviving/sane soldier back to the extraction point and had to leave the others behind. The mission was such a disaster i couldn't stop laughing the whole time.

    is this game any good? it looks interesting but not sure if i want to get it, any suggestions?

      It is bloody awesome. I suggest you buy it :-P There's a demo on PSN / XBL / Steam so you can try before you buy.

        The Demo is actually quite bad - its very hand holding - look up the developer playing the game footage on youtube instead - its much better at showing the game in action. Or if you play the demo just go into it realizing that it is only showing you the mechanics and that the game gives you a lot more freedom

          Ah ok. I didn't actually try the demo myself. I was a fan of the original XCOM on the Amiga back in the day so I just went straight out and bought this one.

    Another broken game. I'd wait a while before buying this. Disappointing considering how much it costs. Do not even attempt multiplayer.

    Holy crap this is a fun game. Cleared out a base and those Chrysalids are hardcore until you get your firepower up.

    This is a game I save a lot in.. I know.. I should just accept the losses and all that.. but this game is so unforgiving.. I wouldn't call it hard as such... brutal would be a better word for it.. and it is fun, interesting and engaging. I certainly don't save after every single turn.. but I do save frequently enough that I can reply the whole mission or half the mission etc if things go really bad.

    If I had the time to be able to play this game through multiple times, I might be more forgiving of losing people and all that.. but I don't have the time..

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