Sick Of Chernarus? Try A Different DayZ Map

Zombie survivial mod DayZ only shipped with one map. It's a big one, but once you've crawled all over it, you may want to crawl all over somewhere new.

Why not try Namalsk, a fan-made map originally built for ArmA II (the game the DayZ mod is based on) but now made compatible with zombies and cans of beans.

Namalsk's developers haven't just brought DayZ's rules over, either; they're trying to make some improvements of their own to the core experience, like new zombie models, changes to the way your clothes handle temperature (it's a colder place than Chernarus) and also a reduction in the amount of food that's lying around.

You can find installation instructions below.

DayZ: Namalsk compatible with DayZ mod, version [nightstalkers, via DayZ]


    I'm actually sick of DayZ altogether.
    Once standalone was announced officially and frequent mod updates stopped happening, coupled with the game degenerating into a 200+sqkm deathmatch...

    Started to get a little long in the tooth after 4 or so months of playing.

    Let's hope the standalone brings more interesting and expanded gameplay opportunities.

      Kinda have to agree. Im waiting to see what the standalone brings. Ive been playing on a private server and we've gotten all the vehicles, played around with those, played on public, warred with people, it was fun but its time to expand the gameplay a bit... dogs will be fun for sure.

      Wait, are you seriously complaining about something free only giving you FOUR months of enjoyment? You're talking like the game owes you something.

        most people will have bought arma 2 completely for dayz. The dev (rocket) is all but hired by Bohemia, it is essentially part of the full game now, so it is certainly not free. anyway, he has a right to complain, the game-play does get stagnant after a while and if it didn't, he still has the right to complain. its the internet. everyone does anyway :P

        Wait, are you seriously overreacting and taking a comment the entirely wrong way after only FOUR sentences of text?

        I loved the shit out of DayZ and played it about 6 hours a day after work for four months, I'm just saying it started to get a little old once frequent updates stopped happening and I look forward to seeing what the standalone brings.

        Stop being so god-damn serious.
        And to the dudes below, I've owned ARMA II and all the expansions and DLC since the days of their release.

    Or Fallujah, Lingor, Panthera, Takistan, Utes or Zargabad.. All available using the DayZ commander :S

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