Simon Pegg Totally Approves Of A 'Shaun Of The Dead' Left 4 Dead Mod

Famous Hollywood actor, and notorious Mark Serrels lookalike, Simon Pegg has given his direct approval to an 'in-the-works' Left 4 Dead mod that features multiple different locations from the movie such as Shaun's flat and The Winchester Tavern.

The 'Left 4 Winchester' team were more than a little worried about legal reprisals. The only solution, thought G4TV, was to get Simon Pegg himself to approve of the project.

And he did!

"This would be absolutely awesome," he said, via twitter. "The rights belong to Universal but we will do what we can."

I honestly can't think of a mod that makes more sense. Props to Mr Pegg for giving the idea his approval and offering to get involved in the project's survival!


    I love this idea. I wish that was a sequel to l4d2 but this will have to do =P

    I'm sure that Mark would also allow a mod

      A Kotaku AU head office L4D mod!

    He's a fellow geek, so why wouldn't he see it as a good idea?

      Indeed. When he found out they used his likeness for THE BOYS, he fully endorsed it too!

    Despite Pegg's (Mark's) approval, I can see Universal coming in and cancelling this project because they aren't getting a cut of the $0 that the devs are earning from the mod.

    Last edited 04/10/12 9:32 am

      In fairness to universal, I think its more about not setting precedent that their IP is OK to use without previous permission than it is about squeezing a small time mod developer

    Simon Pegg's approval - as he notes - doesn't mean much. It's moral support, but holds no legal weight. Universal are notorious fan project squashers. Don't expect this to get far.

    2 completely different types of zombies if i'm not mistaken. As in very slow versus very fast.

    "you've got red on you"

      "'Sign of the Times'?"
      "Don't even think about it."

    what???? its only for l4d? it should really be made for l4d2 cause you know, you can use bats in that game

    Simon Pegg's a big gamer - and if it was me, I'd be honoured that people were going to immortalize me and my work in binary. And to get around the legal issue all they have to do is change the locations a little, and call the Winchester the Windchester, or something. It may be an obvious nod but it won't be infringing on copyright.
    I'm all for it.

    The best thing about this (despite the obvious) is the part where Simon Pegg silences a douchebag.

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