Sleeping Dogs Is About To Get A Little Crazier

Sleeping Dogs Is About To Get A Little Crazier

Just in time for Halloween, Sleeping Dogs developer United Front Games will be releasing add-on content for the amazing hands-on, kung fu combat, open world game. And there will be zombies.

It’s called Nightmare in North Point, and instead of slapping rival Triad members in the face with a fish, you can slap zombified gangsters in the face with a fish.

You might think zombies are played out, but I’m looking forward to revisiting Hong Kong for a creepier threat, especially in tandem with the Halloween festivties.

Best of all is that Sleepings Dogs just got a 50 per cent price tag on Steam. Which is unfortunate for Stephen, who bought it juuuuuust before the announcement. Ain’t that always the case.

The DLC will release on October 30.


  • Hmmm, I don’t know about this.I remember about the half way point in the original True Crime L.A. it went all horror and mystical and felt like it jumped the shark a bit.

    • Yep. I rented it from the videostore and once I started fighting these demon concubines I just went eff it. Also, you needed really good gun upgrades to survive, but like a chump I spent all the bonus points on getting progressively better cars. I raged, but I was also 14.

  • Given how compelling I found the game proper, I’d rather have had some more serious content than this campy bullshit.

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