So, Uh, People Are Playing Games On Their Tablets, While On The Couch

Ah, the video game console. It is the machine you use when you plop down on a couch and want to play a video game. It's been that way for decades.

Console will always be the machine for gaming in the living room, right?

Maybe not. Consider the tablet...

In a study of 33 people (that's more than 30!), Google's Research division determined that people (at least 33 of them) love nothing more than to use their tablet to check e-mail or play video games. And they love using their tablet most... on the couch.

The study tracked the tablet usage of these 33 people for two weeks, across more than 700 uses of their tablets. The test subjects were located in New York, San Francisco and Milwaukee, apparently to account for differences in urban, suburban and rural usage.

Hey, Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft... good thing this is only a study of 33 people! Nothing to worry about at all. Don't worry about Steam Big Picture either. Nope. No worry needed.

Understanding Tablet Use: A Multi-Method Exploration [Google Research PDF, via Tech Crunch and Twitter]


    33 people... Google is into conducting some good research I see...

    I was just thinking last night as I lay in bed playing CSR Racing on my tablet how great of a gaming platform these current gen tablets are. I've got other games in FPS genre, puzzle games, RPGs, strategy games and so on.. it's all so accessible now.. no need to bother with the TV or the disc loading etc.. and with some of the new bluetooth controllers coming out, it's even better.

    This is just a good validation of that.. sure it was only 33 people.. but the tablet is clearly not something you simply take out of the house to use.. it's something that becomes a part of your life at home, at work and while travelling.

      I was just thinking while playing my future mother in laws tablet on the couch the other night what an inferior way to game this is. if I have the Lounge I'd much rather be on a console, in bed I'd much rather a well gameboy advance sp honestly, I played that thing in bed for years. sure that's partly a quality thing, as tablet games get better in gameplay/production values/narrative this might even become a non issue, at which point the only thing I prefer is physical buttons, so they release one of those cradle dooziwhatsits and congratulations you've created the PlayStation vita. no offense of course, different strokes for different folks, but I continue to be blind to what tablets have really added to quasi portable household gaming. right now the only way I game on my galaxy s3 is to play my gba emulator because the games are just so much better than anything I've played from the android store.

    My sister is always using hers on the lounge too, doing things while watching TV. Just like I'm sitting over here doing internet stuff on my desktop while also half watching TV. And Mum's over on the other side of her, playing games on her laptop, also while half watching the TV.

    This all makes perfect sense.

    I want to know who these people are that have a couch/bed that is not in their home!

    So Nintendo has nailed it? Tablet + couch + console = profit.

    This suggests to me that Google might be beginning to think of manufacturing Couches?

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