Someone Found Rainbow Road In Forza Horizon

In the midst of the beautiful, open roads of Colorado found in this year's Forza game is a hidden surprise: Mario Kart's Rainbow Road.

OK, it's not really Rainbow Road. It's a glitch found by AmetDj2. But if you close your eyes real tight and replay the fond memories of performing the famous shortcut on Mario Kart's rainbowy space track, you...won't see a damn thing in your game of Forza Horzion and probably crash into something. What'd you expect when you closed your eyes? Sheesh, who told you to do that?

Forza Horizon rainbow glitch [YouTube]


    Looks like an texture glitch to me. I was expecting an actual Rainbow coloured road.

      I was expecting the actual Rainbow Road track. Guess I'm an idiot.

      Last edited 28/10/12 8:02 pm

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