Someone Put Portal's Wheatley In Halo And Now I Can't Stop Laughing

Cortana bickering with Wheatley: think about it. The two are strong personalities in their own rights, but put together they make for some hilarious banter.

I would never have imagined Wheatley's deadpan humour to work so well under the seriousness of Halo's plotline, but apparently Toadking07 did and I'm all the happier for it.

Wheatley is 343 Guilty Spark - Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition [YouTube]


    Haha, that's brilliant. I love that scene, too. It's where it first dawned on me how much more there was going on in Halo's story than the game let on.


    That was a great way to start my lunch.

    Very well done.

    I believe they put 343 duty spark in Portal thank you very much. It worked amazingly in halo CE back in November 2001. Why you no notice it than, hur

    That actually works pretty damn well.

    It still irks the hell outta me that in the updated graphics they made Cortana look like she is in Halo 3. It's even more dumb that she doesnt look any different when integrated into Halo's systems. In the original she went from purple to a sort of green with some other colours around the edges, in this? nope still blue and trying too hard to look human.

    Portal.... Lame

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