Sony Details Its Exclusive Assassin's Creed Content For PS3 And PS Vita

You most likely know how I feel about platform specific DLC and bloody pre-order bonuses and the like (I hate it, for the record) so I won't dwell on that. Instead I'll simply let you know precisely what PS3 owners are being offered over and above the traditional offering and be done with it! (Grumble grumble).

In short, folks who pick up the PS3 version over the Xbox 360 version will have access to four exclusive bonus missions for no extra cost. These missions cover the treachery of Benedict Arnold, amongst other things.

Sony also appears to be selling the cross platform connectivity between the PS3 and the PS Vita, providing additional content to those who purchase both Assassin's Creed III and Assassin's Creed III: Liberation.

Those who cross connect between the two games will have access too the following content on the PS Vita...

— Aveline can use Connor’s trademark Tomahawk — Special multiplayer character to give you an edge on PS Vita — Instant upgrade to Aveline’s ammunition pouches — An entire mission playable as Connor!

Connecting the two devices is fairly straight forward, but there's instructions on how to do so at the PlayStation Blog if you need help!

Assassin’s Creed III, ACIII Liberation Launch Tomorrow with PlayStation Exclusives [PlayStation Blog]


    Might have been nice of them to detail this before the game was about to be released when it actually might have influenced people's platform decisions!

      They only announced the Benedict Arnold thing last week (I think), but the Vita bonus was announced a while ago.

      Well if the game hasn't been released yet then I suppose it still can - it's not like everybody's already bought it yet.

    Also regarding the connectivity between the two games, I'd like to know if that's based on PSN account linking or actual physical hardware / game link. I use different region PSN accounts on my Vita and my PS3 (because the US PSN store is vastly superior for PSP stuff mainly, plus pricing) so I'm assuming I would miss out on the cross-platform stuff even if I owned both games on Sony platforms.

    However if the link is done via Ubisoft's uplay thing or something it might be different?

      It'd have to be uplay surely, chances are the unlocking would be triggered by the 'complete the tutorial' achievement in each game.

      Whilst they're no doubt pushing people to buy the playstation version, it'd be penalising people who bought the 360 version of ac3 and also bought liberation

    I would assume that you are out of luck, but it could still be 50/50...

    It can't be SEN account profile based, because you wouldn't be able to link the content without being online, so it would have to come down to straight region coding, both games (PS3 and Vita) won't be region coded, so they would play on their own, but talking to each other certainly likely to be another story.

      Ah see, while games aren't region *locked*, they still have region coding. So if you get a game from outside your region you need to get any PSN-related content from that region's store in the majority of cases.

        Picked mine up this morning, and it's tied to the SEN account, so that means there is no offline transfer...

        So you still might still have a chance, with your locally purchased AC3, login to the PS3 with the US Account and try the transfer, it can't hurt to try!

    They did! They've had the info up on Wikipedia for the last month or so. That's precisely why I elected to buy the PS3 version over PC.

    Any chance of this being a timed exclusive (i.e. will be out on xBox by Easter or something)?

      Hoping that's the case, because as far as I can remember the AC games have always eventually offered all the exclusive DLCs for sale at a later date. Don't think they've ever done platform exclusives before though so it's new ground.

        Actually, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood had a bunch of Copernicus missions that were exclusive to PS3, so it's not the first time. And as far as I know these never made it anywhere else, but I'm not certain of that.

        But the content wasn't terribly inspired. A few extra run here, kill these people quests. One particularly annoying protection quest.

    so what exactly is the difference between the vita version and console version? totally different games??

    As someone who just put down a preorder for the AC:Lib Vita bundle and has every other AC game on Xbox, I am obliged to be disgusted by exclusive content such as this. That said, the only interesting thing is the mission played as Connor, so... meh. It would have been better if they used Uplay to check if you have both games, regardless of platform, but still: "meh".

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