Sony Sure Picked A Bad Time To Release This Quirky Dolphin Game

It's unfortunate that Sony chose to release Derrick the Deathfin smack in the middle of what I'm unofficially calling VIDEO GAME WEEK '12. (I've got T-shirts.)

So here's a little shout-out for the little guy: if you can wrest yourself away from Dishonored, XCOM, or any of the other awesome games that are out this week, maybe it's worth checking out!


    Sadly, the game doesn't appear to be rated by the Classification Board here (at the moment?) and thus isn't available to buy on PSN at this stage.

      Thank God... it'd be great if they can hold off for a few weeks / months - my card is currently full :P

      Apparently the devs said it isn't coming to AU/NZ because classification costs are too expensive. Which is really annoying.

    Haven't bought anything yet, but this looks like my kind of game.

    1 - That's a shark. Not a dolphin.

    2 - Why isn't it on Vita...?

    3 - That loop was painful. I suspect that if that loop made it into a 1min trailer, then the game is freakishly unpolished.

    It's a shark not a dolphin. Derp.

    That game was a cute idea, but was never destined to make a much of a profit.

    It's shark. A game with a shark. That. Is. Awesome!

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