Sorry Nolan North, My New Gaming Voice Man Is Dave Fennoy

Quick. Name your favourite video game voice-over artist. If it's not Nolan North, it's most likely...that guy who played..that guy. Or that lady who was that woman in that one series I really like.

It's sad that so few of these talented artists are recognised for their work, so I figured today I'd shine the spotlight on a man who is not only one of the most accomplished veterans of the trade, he's a man who, with his incredible work on Telltale's The Walking Dead, is so hot right now.

Dave Fennoy began his career in voice-over work over 20 years ago, and has appeared as prominent characters in everything from the Metal Gear Solid series to World of Warcraft to Bayonetta.

Some of his more recent (and prominent) roles include Valve's DOTA 2, where he voices six heroes, and perhaps best of all his turn as StarCraft 2's Gabriel Tosh, who even looked like Fennoy.

He's outdone pretty much all of that this year, though, with his performance as Lee Everett, the star of the first season of The Walking Dead. Helped out by some great writing from guys like Sean Vanaman and Gary Whitta, Fennoy has given Lee a depth of character that embarrasses more big-budget games, and is one of the biggest reasons the episodic series has come out of nowhere to be one of the best experiences of the year.

My favourite role of his, though, might be the time he had to step into the shoes of Billy Dee Williams, and play Lando Calrissian in Lucasarts' 1999 X-Wing Alliance. He of course couldn't quite nail Williams' perpetual state of surprise, but I remember even at the time thinking he still did one hell of a job.

Games aren't all he's done, though. Far from it. If you've ever used Hulu, for example, you may recognise Fennoy as the "voice" of the service. He's also done commercial voice-over work for clients like Toyota, KFC and McDonalds, while Ben 10 fans may recognise him as the badass alien Tetrax Shard.

If you're interested in checking out more of Dave's work, head to his personal site, where he's got clips from interviews he's done explaining the art of his craft.


    Steve Russell (Garrett from the Thief series)
    I don't think any voice actor appeals to me more

    I don't really like Nolan North. Granted I haven't played the Uncharted Series since I'm an X-Box owner, but I don't enjoy his Desmond in the Assassin's Creed franchise, and the Jedi Consular in Star Wars: The Old Republic was particularly bad. DC Douglas (who also played Wesker in the RE series I believe) as Legion in Mass Effect 2 is just about my favourite voice performance in a game ever. Sure it's synthesized (then so was GLaDOS) but damn, it's creepy and comfortable all at once and I just want him to keep talking. Speaking of Portal - Wheatley. That was a voice job done right.

      Nolan North was awesome in Portal 2 and Arkham City. I think his biggest problem in Assassin's Creed was the writing for his character, which definitely improved in Brotherhood and onwards.

    "James McCaffery from Max Payne series"


    One that always blew my mind was Ron Perlman as the Narrator voice for the Fallout 1 and 2 intro's.
    And another (more popular one, sorry folks) would be Mark Hamill for his representation of "The Joker"

      Mark Hamill has always played a good joker, but i'd love for John DiMaggio to do the next Batman game joker, i love DiMaggio’s joker more, he’s more psychotic, less psychopathic.

      yeah gotta say James McCaffery or Ron Perlman.
      Dislike very much Nolan North,

      As well as Dave Fenoy does in the walking dead, i find he gets irritating if i play for more than a few hours, good thing the game is episodic lol

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    I KNEW I'd replied too quickly...

    I'd totally missed one of my favourites in Jon St John
    aaand in totally failing at the OP's call of 'not enough exposure to the smaller players' as-such. The last notable mention I can think of is Leonard Nimoy (chiefly for the little work he did with Civ IV.)

    Jen Taylor for me. Cortana's always been great but what we've seen of Halo 4 and Forward Unto Dawn has been another level. Zoey's pretty awesome in L4D, too.

    Also, Jennifer Hale. She's the reason I put up with and eventually grew to love Mass Effect. I started playing with male Shepard and couldn't stand it, the voice acting was painful. Somebody recommended I give it another go as FemShep and suddenly the game got 10 times better.

    Special mentions: Ellen McLain, Nathan Vetterlein, Keith David, and Nolan North.

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