Spoiler Alert: Halo 4's Out In The Wild, So Be Careful What You Read

Today brought word that Halo 4's discs had leaked out, three weeks ahead of the game's street date, which is a common claim for a major franchise and a highly anticipated game. Still, Microsoft's security division is looking into the matter, which lends a little more credence to the report. And now, this appeal from Halo 4's creative director basically says that, yes, the game has been leaked or stolen or otherwise let out into the wild.

Josh Holmes is the creative director of Halo 4, for 343 Industries.

The speciality press published news of the leak yesterday, and our comments, like many others' blew up with claims that Halo 4 is easily accessible from torrent sites and the file appears to be legitimate. Of course, plenty of people people claim that the disc picture (which surfaced on NeoGAF) is illegitimate.

Sounds like the game is out there, three weeks before it is due to hit the streets. Anyone with a copy can't play multiplayer, of course, unless they want to get powerbombed with a permaban from Xbox Live. But as Holmes says, there are a ton of folks out there bent on spoiling the fun and the story for everyone. So be careful.


    Whenever I read a spoiler, I forget it real quickly and don't even remember it being spoiled up until the actual moment.

      You sir, are lucky. If I read a spoiler I over think it. Like with mass effect 2 & 3. While the game was installing I skimmed through the LE extras, including the art book. Both times it spoiled endings. SPOILERS: (there was artwork for the human-reaper, and a reaper form of the Illusive Man. ) END SPOILERS

    That's a shame, but it comes with the territory I suppose.

    Good luck to everyone avoiding the spoilers, may we all meet safe on the other side of November 6th (5th for me). Deity-speed.

    How does a game GET leaked in the first place? :P Than again, assuming this was just because it was being manufactured, I guess it can't be that hard to figure out.

    OMG I can't believe they showed Cheif's face. Just kidding... or am I? I'm not.

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